OPxNow Custom PHP Application Development

About the company

OPx Now is a start up in Florida, USA which provides ordering and replenishment solutions to wholesalers and contractors. They make marketing planning, departmental expectations and employee expectations simplified.

OPx Now serves the following industries:

Appliance Repair
Air Conditioning/Heating
Call Centers
Cleaning Services
Demolition & Removal
Electrical, Exterminators & General Construction
Handy Man & Home Inspection
Landscapers, Solar & Mechanical
Painting & Plumbing Contractors
Restoration & Roofing
Real Estate Brokerage & Property Manager Company

What they were looking for?

OPx Now were looking for an outsourcing company to develop a custom PHP application for them so that they can provide ordering and replenishment services to wholesalers and contractors.

The custom PHP application they were looking to get developed need APIs to be integrated and a robust reporting system.

They were also low on budget and were looking for an outsourcing company in India.

How we helped them

We partnered with them for custom PHP Application development in February 2018. We provided them a php application as they wanted.

We have developed more than 200 forms in this application to collect user data and provide a analysis reports in a robust reporting system. We have also integrated custom APIs like Fieldedge, Service Titans and Authorize.net.

OPx Now accepts online payments from members with a fully functional membership module.

Custom PHP CMS

Content Management System

API Integration

FeildEdge, Service Titans, Authorize.net API Integration

Custom PHP Development

Custom PHP Programming


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20th April 2018


Florida, USA


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Fieldedge and Service Titans APIs pull and fetch data in custom PHP application

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