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What exactly is Content and Content Marketing?

Content is the King!

It stands true in the digital world. Without content there would be nothing to be optimized for the search engines. Every image, every post or tweet, every video, every page, and every product description—they’re all illustrations of content.

As rightly put together by Ian Lurie, of Portent, Inc.:

Content isn’t ‘stuff we write to rank higher’ or ‘infographics’ or ‘long-form articles.’
Infact content is anything that communicates a message to the audience. Anything.

It is the content that beats behind every action taken as marketers. Whatever the businesses say to their customers or clients or readers , in whichever form —is Content.

As a full-scale website design company in South Delhi – India, we begin the process of internet marketing right from building website. Because of which the extended online marketing via Content Marketing becomes more effective.

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Content Marketing is the utilization of that content—in any form—aimed to achieve a marketing goal for your business. That could be adding budding customers, holding existing ones, brand awareness, or anything else.

ICO’s Content Marketing Features

Target Audience

Our content marketing strategy is focused on your target audience. We do extensive research and design a comprehensive content strategy.

Content for SEO

Our content writers will include the target keywords appropriately in the content to increase the search engine rankings. Keeping their focus on your readers at the same time they produce SEO optimized content.

Blog and News Writing

We will reduce your work load and let you focus on your core business as our writers will produce and publish regular blog posts and news articles for your business.

Social Media

Our content writing also includes copywriting for your social media there by engaging your users on every social networks with quality content. We also produce content for various ad campaigns.

Video Marketing

Our video marketing focuses on producing unique videos with engaging content. Uploading them to YouTube, Vimeo or Dailymotion accounts for effective marketing to your target audience.


We can create attractive graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge of your business present information quickly and clearly.


Benefits of Content Marketing through Our Delhi Website Design Company

Saves your time and hassles

We very well know how much effort it takes to write fresh quality content consistently. Our content writing team will do all the content writing you need so that you can peacefully focus on your core business.

Establish your brand

Good content writing keeps your readers looking to learn more about your services and products. Thus it generates trust and becomes the voice of your brand leading to more conversions.

Increase search engine rankings

We write SEO optimized content focusing on your target audience. As the relevant keywords are included in the content we write. It gives a boost to the overall Search Engine Rankings of your website.

Lay the foundation of your Marketing

Quality content on your website is the foundation of your over all marketing efforts as website is the face of your business. Our content writers produce eye catchy, simple yet engaging content for your website.

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