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About the company

Naturally Desi LLC is a start up for catering in California USA. It is owned by Mrs. Archana Nirwan. This comapny aims at providing delicious Indian street food to Indians living across city of California. Archana believes that food is not just the source of energy but it is an experience which she wants to share with everyone.

What they were looking for?

Archana was looking to start her catering business. She wanted to cater Indian people across California. She had a small budget for marketing.

So she was looking to have a website which could help her getting orders online.

How we helped them

We started with our research in the food and restaurants website design. We made compelling website design for a delightful experience for their target customers.

After we made the website live for Naturally Desi. We started the PPC campaign in Google AdWords to generate website visitors from the word GO.

WordPress CMS

Content Management System

Responsive Design

Compatible with mobile, tablets etc

Content Writing

Content writing and optimization


Pay Per Click

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20th June 2018


California, USA


Food and Restaurant

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Restaurant Website Design Company in Delhi NCR - India | ICO WebTech Pvt. Ltd.

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