Website Maintenance Services in South Delhi

We Make Sure Your Website Evolves With Changing Demands With Excellent, Fast, Reliable And Affordable Website Maintenance Service

Website Maintenance Services in South Delhi – India

Web Design And Website Maintenance with excellent service. Same day support, fast turnaround and regular updates

Website Maintenance Services List For All Types Of Websites

  • We have over 10 years of experience in website maintenance for different types of websites.
  • We provide the fastest turnaround for support requests.
  • For all our projects we provide 2 months of FREE maintenance.
  • We make custom plans for some clients where the requirement is different from the usual ones.
  • Our web maintenance packages includes regular backups and security scans for every website
  • We provide daily, weekly, monthly reports for your website analytics and track every single visitor on your website.
  • We also provide email, hosting, SSL, and many other plans on a budget price.

Our Website Maintenance Services includes

  • Adding or removing website pages
  • Content editing
  • Image editing and uploading
  • Video Uploading
  • Shopping Cart Products Update
  • Regular scanning of website to keep it free of viruses
  • Backing up of website
  • Converting to PDF and uploading it
  • Announcements updates

Just when your website development company in Delhi NCR delivers your website your journey to explore the new verticals begin. But unfortunately sometimes client do not pay much attention towards maintenance of  their website. This can lead to serious issues including the site getting down due to some malware attack.

Therefore we strongly recommend our clients to sign up for the website maintenance plans with us for a safe, secure and up-to-date website.

Our Website Maintenance Plans Include

Our clients have the liberty to choose the plans best suited to them as per their work and website requirement.

Our Website Maintenance AMC plans can be chosen based on:

  • Hourly,
  • Monthly or
  • Annual (highly recommended) basis

Get in touch with our team to know about the pricing in detail.

Our Website Maintenance Packages

Our website maintenance packages are customized for every website.

We go over a meeting with you and discuss the updates you need daily, weekly and monthly. Our experts then provide a custom package to suit your needs and budget.

We never charge any minimum mandatory fee in any of our website maintenance package.

Tired Of Reaching Out To Your Vendor For Regular Updates?

Sign Up For Our Annual Maintenance Package!

This way you will save a lot of money and time spent on regular website maintenance.

Features of Our Website Maintenance Service

Over 10 years of experience

With over a decade of technical knowledge we make our support fast and reliable. We have experts in PHP MySQL, Javascript, JQuery, WordPress, Magento and many other opensource platforms.

Fast Turn Around Time

Our clients are amazed as they have never seen a faster turnaround for the updates. We always thrive to give updates the same day.


Our accuracy saves time and money not only for our clients but for us too. Our clients never have to worry about time when they request support.

Back ups

We provide regular and timely back ups for the websites we support so that the data is never lost and website is never down due to any reason.


We have a robust reporting system to provide our clients, daily weekly monthly insights for their websites. We monitor the traffic to their website closely to provide accurate analysis reports.

Web Hosting and Email

We also provide reliable web hosting and emails with spam guard at a competitive rates. We are a verified re-seller of GoDaddy.

Bring down the cost of maintaining a website with our budget friendly website AMC charges

Benefits of website maintenance by ICO WebTech

Save cost by our Content Management System
We will give your website a content management system so that you can make changes to your website without any technical knowledge.  You don’t have to pay heavy website maintenance bills as you will be able to do a lot yourself.

When clients have something very urgent, we go an extra mile.
Eric, our client from Elite Brand Optimization from Arizona USA needed a website to be redesignedovernight for his client. Therefore our team worked extra hours and gave the website a makeover overnight to honor our client’s request.

We are fast and bang on target when it comes to making updates.
A client running a play school in South Delhi called us once saying that his website access is blocked by his vendor and he needs to update address and phone numbers to his website.

We recommended him to choose his vendors wisely and replicated his website with the changes he mentioned in 2 days time.

We made the changes to the DNS and hosted his website on our server. We also gave him the access to the CMS so that he can make these changes without any technical knowledge.

Google strongly recommends webmasters to regularly update their websites

Websites using outdated programs may loose the Search Engine Rankings and can also be penalized from Google.

Ecommerce website maintenance

With time you may want to add more products to your ecommerce website and delete the old ones. You may also need to update the pricing. Place offers on your ecommerce website.

You may also need to update the website colors including header, backgrounds etc.

With technology updates you may need some additional features in your website keeping the old ones.

Our ecommerce website maintenance services takes care of all for you.

Importance of ecommerce website maintenance

Website maintenance keeps your website updated as per the latest trends. It covers the latest technology updates, design and user interface updates and security updates.

You need to remove discontinued products, expired offers and outdated content from your ecommerce website. Leaving all these on your ecommerce store will create a bad impact on your customers.

Updating and maintaining an ecommerce website also helps in improvement of search engine rankings.

Your website content should be updated as per the latest search trends on Google or any other search engines else you will loose your online traffic.

Our ecommerce website maintenance includes

Fresh Design
We do all of the HTML and CSS edits to make your ecommerce website look recent and catch attention of your customers.


We keep updating your website security to make it more secure and up to date with the latest security features

Additional features

We add new features to your ecommerce website to engage your customers better than your competition.These features may include, how coupons work, how you capture leads, how you engage your existing customers etc.

Regular links check

We keep checking your website for broken links, which means the pages giving 404 not found error when clicked.

When you delete a page or a post or a product. Then the internal links linking to these pages, products or posts give 404 not found error when clicked. This is not good for user experience and SEO both.

SEO review
We make sure the latest search terms from search engines are included in your ecommerce website content.

We also work on website load speed as over time websites get slow and it results in bad SEO and user experience.

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