Website Speed Optimization Service

Optimize your website’s loading speed so as to yield higher Search Engine Rankings and to give a classic User Experience to your audience.

Your website is the face of the company in the web wide world. And if your target is to mark your presence in the online world then it’s needless to say that your website has to be; striking, fully functional and fast loading.

This is the reason that our web designers are not focusing only on placing the content in a beautiful manner. Rather they aim for a website which is rationalized with the most recent scripts and is compatible with all browsers.

Want the love of search engines?

You will have to start taking website loading speed, optimization and scripting seriously. This is because lately these factors have become vital Google Search Engine Ranking Factor for websites.

Web page speed optimization holds an essential value to the tag of web designing. Because users at all times favor a site which loads faster and has the minimum to no technical bugs. Therefore the importance of a website with speed optimized pages further increases value.

Why your website needs Page Speed Optimization?

A slow loading website is very irritating for your clients and users who can turn out to be your hot prospects. As a matter of fact you will be pulled down from search engine ranking results pages if your website loads slow in speed. Further since we too help our clients with their search engine optimization we too can confirm this with our experience.

“Many leading search engines including Google have laid prominence on the loading speed of web pages. “

Google has made updates to its search algorithms and made website loading speed an important factor to consider ranking placements in search engine results page.

For this purpose Google has also contributed an add-on in Firefox that is the Firebug. Its purpose is to help increase the browsers load web page speed.

Moreover it is safe to say that a slow loading website adversely effects the overall performance of your website.

It has been seen that when a website loads faster on desktop and mobile it becomes an instant hit among its online visitors. This increases its popularity as a satisfied user always spread good words in their circle. Hence a win-win situation.

So if your current goal is to keep your visitors hooked by giving them a faster loading content then we are happy to help you in an operative and economical method.

Key Features of our Web Speed Optimization Service

Lesser number of HTTP requests to your server

By lessening the number ofHTTP requests to your server we will decrease the total time consumed for the downloading of your webpage. This is done by image mapping, combining files, CSS sprites, and inline images.

Competent content delivery network

We will effectively slot in content delivery network to your website so as to enrich the speedydistribution of its content to geologically diverse locations. This is extremely useful to load the website faster.

Cache-Control header

We set the Cache-Control and/or Expires headers for the necessary static and dynamic gears. So as to increase the browser page loading speed as these headers convey the browser when to next regain the resource from the network.

Documents and style sheet compression

Gzip is the tool that we use to compress your documents, scripts and style sheets. This is crucial to bring down the complete weight of your webpage and reduce its bandwidth. Thereby making it load faster.

Minification of JavaScript

We keep the JavaScript and CSS in external files and merge them while sending to the server so as to make sure that the request to the server is sent only once. This will make the web page load faster.

Page Cleanup

We understand the importance of clean codes. Therefore we ensure that your webpage does not have anyexcessive characters, duplicate or vacant scripts tobring down the page size and increase the page load speed.

Caching AJAX Files

If your website uses Ajax then you will be covered under our service to see that it is optimized thoroughly. And the finestmethod to speed-up the performance of Ajax is to mark the responses cacheable.

Arrange Etags

We will organize Etags for your webpage, generating DNS Lookups and assist in modifying the webpage so as to make it more user friendly.

Tried everything but still not ranking high? May be your website page speed is the culprit.

Our Website Speed Optimization Services has hands on experience in:

Analyzing your website

By analyzing here we mean thorough analysis of your website ensuring no scope of leaving any error or fault responsible for making your website slow to load is missed by us. And only after carefully analyzing your website we will move ahead with fixing the issues. You can also send us specific optimizations via email and we will let you know how we can help you within 24 hours.

Fixing the best possible Page Load Time for your website

After carefully analyzing and optimizing your website you will notice that your page loads comparatively much faster than before. We take the best practices to achieve the fastest page load time for our client’s website.

Marking your website in the green zone in Google PageSpeed Score

By increasing your pagespeed in desktops and mobiles you not only get the love of search engines, but also improve the user experience thereby increasing sales. We leave no stone unturned to achieve the maximum score in the Google Pagespeed metrics for your website.

Working with big, medium and small sized firm

We work with all size and scales of firms. We focus on doing our job rather than the size of the company we are working for. It does not matter to us if it is built on WordPress or Drupal. Or it is built on ready-to-use templates or by using hard codelanguages. We work with all.

Multiple Technologies

We have been working with various platforms for the past one decade. This gives us an edge over other as we have working knowledge and expertise in enhancing static websites, WordPress, Drupal, Magento, OpenCart, Joomla and Shopify websites.

We adhere to Google Guidelines to increase your Page Speed Score

After we optimize your website for better speed and load time, your website will be the same for your visitors and search engines. Except for the obvious and required change that now it will be loading faster and giving a better user experience to your site visitors. Thus you earn a brownie point and a rank higher, from the search engines.

Want to rank high, increase inquiries and sell more?

We can help you!

Our Web speed optimization service saves your time and gives you results.

Visitors are the benefit you seek with your website. Keep them hooked with a fast loading website.

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