Toxic Backlink Removal Company In Delhi, India

Get rid of unwanted and bad backlinks to improve your search engine rankings.

What are Toxic Backlinks?

Let us first talk talk about backlinks.

“Backlinks” are basically incoming links. When an external website links to Your website, it creates a backlink for Your website.

Backlinks are important for Search Engine Rankings. The more quality backlinks your website has, the higher it will rank in search engines. And the higher a website ranks, the more visibility it will have and thus increase conversion ratio.

Toxic backlinks are the unnatural links that affect the search rankings of a website in a negative manner. Examples of toxic links include paid links, links from vulgar, gaming or highly advertised sites, and links from link wheels and blog networks..

As our core work is website designing in South Delhi – India, therefore we begin the process of digital marketing right from building website.

In fact Google’s Penguin 2.0 which was updated in May 2013 focuses on penalizing the websites that have a bad backlinks profile.

Backlinks can either MAKE your RANKINGS or BREAK them.

Google regularly updates its search algorithms. And due to the latest Penguin update it is very likely for the website owners to notice a downfall in their SERPS. 

While this is not an ideal situation but as an SEO company in India we would suggest to first identify the cause of this downfall. The most common reason of this decrease in search engine rankings has been noted to be a penalty by Google on the website. Google can penalize your website either manually or by pre-coded settings causing automatic penalty due to high amount of toxic links (bad links).

While this is an unfavorable situations, but it can be fixed by the efforts of our quality link building team.

Our link building team in Delhi will run a full backlink analysis of your website to analyze the culprit links.

Want to eliminate or prevent Google Penalties?

We can help!

We proactively manage your backlink profile and also remove any Google penalties for you to rank higher.

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Features Of Our Toxic Backlinks Removal Service

Extensive Bad Link Removal

We will manage the complete toxic backlinks removal process for your business website. It will be an end-to-end service.

Detailed Backlink Gathering

We gather all the backlinks pointing to your website through various channels. We make sure to not miss even a single backlink for analysis.

Manual Analysis of Links

We manually analyze the quality of all the links by comparing their quality by our in-house set standards as per leading Search Engine guidelines.

Non-automated Removal

Our team personally contacts the webmasters of the site from where we have to get the link removed. We regularly trace the update we sent for removal.

Removal Reports

We will share the status of links removed with you in an easy to understand format. These monthly reports ease the tracking of the results.

Google Integration

We make sure to file a reconsideration report with Google and also keep a tract of Google’s response to the request we submitted for consideration.

Ready to climb up the ranking ladder by removal of all toxic backlinks?

Did you Submit your Website to these sites?

  • Spam sites, or
  • Sites that are created only for link building, or
  • Sites which were not indexed by Google, or
  • Sites with a virus or malware, or
  • Link networks, or
  • Sites with an unusually large number of external links, or
  • Porn sites, or
  • Gambling sites?

If your answer is YES, then contact us immediately to SAVE your website from Google penalization.

If you do not know the answer, then don’t worry. We will find it out for you and work in the direction of your growth.

Toxic Backlinks can cause your Google Penalties!

We can help!

Our SEO specialists will check and identify the bad backlinks from your link profile and save you from penalties.

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