User Experience, a must for your website visitors

 In Web Design & Development

All of us have got are websites up and running to showcase our products and services to the audiences. We keep them all loaded with content, images, testimonials, blog and what not but, while designing the website most of us tend to forget a very important factor which attracts more customers. And that is designing a user friendly website.

So the next thing that comes in our mind is what can be done without compromising on our design.

I have pen down a few pointers that may help you.

  • That irritating loading sign- one of the first thing we should get rid of as soon as possible.These days everybody wants quick solutions for everything be it food, shopping, downloading of stuff etc. The speed of the page by which I mean the time the page takes to load can be decreased by keeping your design simple. The more time it takes to load the page there are more chances that you loose that customer.
  • Next comes the navigation path. Again the path should be such that the consumer doesn’t feel lost. All important pages that you need in your website should be on the menu itself so that it becomes visible and easy to access. For example for contact us you can have a small icon on the home screen too apart from it being a separate page by itself.
  • Website Design – make sure that you don’t clutter the website with too many images, ads or content for that matter because then it becomes very difficult for the consumer to focus on one thing and gets distracted very easily. Make sure you have a descent ratio for same.
  • Another important aspect in today’s scenario is to keep up with technology . The website design should be mobile friendly which means it should be compatible on mobile operating systems too like iOS, Android and windows. One should make sure it does not go flubby.

Website Design plays a vital role in the success of your business . User friendly websites helps to provide a seamless experience for visitors and improves your chances of success. It is one of the factors that sets a professionally designed website apart from the rest.

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