Importance Of Colors in Website Conversions: How to use them.

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Ever since the concept of marketing came into existence, colors are used to persuade customers for purchasing. Deep down in the subconscious mind every body has its association with colors.

Lets talk about retail for example:

You may think that the various colors you see in the stores in shopping malls starting from doors to labels and shopping bags, are the color of the brand but you are not aware that those colors may be placed to persuade your psychology and drive you to make purchases in those shopping stores.

Every color is associated with some cultural or social thought and that makes the connection between your mind and the products.

When we talk about websites most of the website designing companies ask you for the colors you like or what are your favorite colors and they make websites as per the colors you like. But this is the most stupid thing a web design company can do to your money.

Below are some examples of color psychology and how they affect shopping habits.

White: The color white is associated with purity so you find almost every skin care product company has major portion of white in their product branding. So why not have white color on the website for skin care products.

Pink: You must have noticed that majority of bubble gums are pink in color. This is because color pink is associated with sweetness, calmness, cool and comfort, so why not use pink on ecommerce websites selling cool stuff

Orange: Orange color is associated with energy, brightness, warmth, freshness and affordability. So you will find orange on the brands which sell products or services at affordability. If you are targeting mass audience through ppc advertising of your website then orange is the best choice.

Red: This one is the most tricky color as it relates with alarm or danger but many shops and websites and used it very smartly to increase conversions on websites. If you want to use red on your website then it is better to hire a website designer who knows what he is doing.

Yellow: Mostly found in the branding of restaurants as it relates with energy and of course what is bigger than sun when it comes to energy. So have it on your list if you are looking to start an online food delivery website.

Purple: Resembles royalty so you will find this color on brands which target rich customers and sell products with some advanced properties or features at a handsome price. So think before using it if your website targets mid size customers

Green: Everyone knows that green color is associated with eco-friendly products but even the brands which have nothing to do with such products use green in their branding to attract customers who have a soft corner for ecosystem. So green is the safest color to use on your website.

Above are just examples but the association of colors to the buying psychology has no limits. You should do a proper research and study before you give instructions to your web designer about the colors you want to use on your website.

Here are some tips on how to use colors to increase sales on your website.

1. Use the right color at the right time

A website is a mix of colors and not just a single one so don’t just follow the color psychology examples blindly which I have mentioned above. It is important to use the right colors at right places on your website to make it a conversion machine.

So lets say you are selling electronics system as one of our clients who partnered with us for Web Design and  SEO services in Delhi NCR has orange, blue and white on his website.

These colors have been used smartly on his website without overdoing it. As mentioned above that orange relates with affordability the website we have designed for him has orange buttons which persuades users to click in order to own the electronic products at an affordable prices.

Blue resembles intelligence and trust so you find the website landing page is a mix of blue and orange but the web design doesn’t makes it obvious for customers about the colors used to target them.

This website ranks for 17 keyword on the first page of Google. This has nothing to do with the colors. Colors come into play once a customer lands on your website with all the SEO efforts put in.

Now what if you are selling hair wraps as another client of ICO WebTech does. Go Curl hair wrap collection became our partner for ecommerce website development  and SEO services

Hair wrap is a product which comes in every possible mix of colors for every type of color conscious customer so we have used pink at right places as it associates with comfort and calmness and a cool effect.

Our dedicated web designers have also used the color psychology in the background of the product images. You will find blue, green, grey and a lot many colors in the backgrounds of different products images.

Importance Of Colors in Website Conversions

2. Be careful and don’t turn your website into a rainbow

This is the craziest thing to do. We are humans and we tend to make mistakes by creepy color choices decisions. Website making companies in a race to impress you will show you colorful websites which may look tempting but facts show that the most successful websites keep the use of colors to a minimum.

Your website should use a maximum of 2 – 3 colors. Take the example of Facebook, Twitter, Bore Panda etc.

Its a different thing if you are selling products like hair wraps, but those are different products. Here we are talking about the theme of your website.

3. Colors of call to actions should be bright and catchy.

It is always recommended to use bright colors for your call to actions, because that’s where persuasion comes into play. People tend to click if they feel associated with the color of the call to action.

Orange, pink, Blue green are the favorite choices when it comes to color choices and call to actions are the most important factors on which the conversions through your website depend.

Research shows that the bright colors have high conversion rates as compared to the dark colors when used on call to actions.

Also color choices for call to actions should be made in accordance with the target audience. For example: pink, magenta, cyan, all these are women centric colors used to persuade women to make purchase online. On the other hand blue, orange, black and green are for men.


  1. Research and test a number of colors and then zero down on best combination of two or three of them. Keep in mind your target audience and their color psychology.
  2. Don’t just blindly trust your web design company or the dedicated web designer you may have hired. Colors play a critical role in your website conversions so take the help of digital marketing experts.
  3. Avoid too much of colors as you may leave your customers in a state of confusion. Keep your website colors to just 2 or 3.

Hope this information was helpful. If you like it then share it so that others can read it too.

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