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What is SEO or Search Engine Optimization?

A simple explanation

In simple term SEO or Search Engine Optimization helps your target customers reach you through your website 24×7.

Which means your website should appear on first page of Google when someone searches for the type of products or services you offer.

Not every one knows your business by your company name. People always search for products and services and not the business by its name.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization helps you to get your website on first page of Google above all of your competitor’s websites.

For example if you need to order cake online then there are three scenarios:

  1. You have the number of your favorite bakers.
  2. You have an app installed on your phone to order the cake.
  3. You may search online to find the best bakers near by your area.

Third one is the case where SEO comes in play. So what will you searchand where. Nothing new that when it comes to internet searches, it is all Google and Google and Google.

You you will open Google on your phone or computer and type “Best bakery shop near (your area)” or something similar to this.

Now what will you get? A list of bakery shops websites will appear on your Google page. So, you decide which one you will click. Surely the ones which appear on the first page.

You get 10 results or options to order cake on the first page of your Google search. Our analysis shows that people tend to click from first five websites which appear on first page of Google search.

So no point being on second page of Google.

That is SEO. It keeps you ahead of your competitors. Gives you more sales and customers and YOU EARN MORE. 

About our SEO services and Website Promotion

With proven results and over 10 years of experience as a top SEO company in Delhi, our SEO experts guarantee better rankings and more leads.

Our SEO campaigns are more results driven. We never guarantee fake Google’s first page rankings.

We keep ourselves updated with latest search engine trends and best practices. Since we are also a website design company in Malviya Nagar, South Delhi NCR we aim to:

Develop website for a user, not a Spider!

We have proved our mettle for a wide range of industries as we have been providing outsourcing services for SEO, digital marketing and website design to clients across the world for over 10 years.

Why are we different than other SEO companies in Delhi NCR, India

Our SEO Company in Delhi NCR works towards increasing your website traffic.

Increase in website traffic is more important than getting on top of Google search results page with people leaving your website without giving you sale.

We understand your challenges

You have spent a lot of money and time getting a nice looking website but it is not giving you return.

You want your website to beat your competitor’s website on Google.

You have tried a many SEO companies and have not got the results.

Website promotion is simple not working.

We want you to succeed

Not just appearing on first page of Google but we help you build a strong online reputation. We introduce you in style help you gain trust of your audience and gradually build a brand.

In process you increase your sales and customer base.

Increase in online visibility and website traffic

We leave no stone unturned to increase number of visitors to your website. We make your website visible on every possible marketing channels online by our website promotions along with the SEO we do.

Analytics and tracking

With our vast experience with Google Analytics we help you track every phone call lead or contact form submission on your website. If you sign up for our ecommerce SEO plan, we track down your ROI to the exact amount of money for each product that your website sells.

You don’t need to worry about if your investment in the online marketing and SEO is working for you or not. We track it for you and give you a complete SEO report with every penny invested and the ROI achieved.

Want Higher Ranking In Search Engines?

Get In Touch With Us!

Our SEO specialists craft custom on-page and off-page strategies for you to achieve high SERP.

We Are Not A Conventional SEO Company in Delhi NCR

We blend a refreshing mix of traditional SEO techniques with a cutting edge approach to Web 2.0 promotion, online brand building as well as search engine marketing.

All small, medium and large-scale enterprises can easily be on top of Google search results by using our affordable SEO services.

Related Services

Looking to increase income online and don’t have a website?

Don’t worry we will make your website for FREE

Yes, we do not charge for website design and development if you sign up for our SEO service.

Isn’t it too good to believe?

Our Quality makes us the best SEO company in Delhi NCR, India

There are thousands of digital marketing companies who claim themselves to be the best SEO company or the best digital marketing company. But do they really do what they say.

Every second business now a days is an expert website designer or an expert SEO, digital marketing company. So how do you make sure which SEO company to choose in Delhi NCR or for that matter anywhere in the world.

Don’t get fooled with the verbal promises from the self claimed best SEO or digital marketing companies in Delhi NCR, India. Do your research and ask for their previous SEO work or the Digital Marketing services they have provided to companies in Delhi NCR or any part of India.

Any good SEO company should be in business for a long time, at least more than five years. If they can sustain for this long then they can surely help you sustain for very long.

Proven Results

We have ranked many clients on first page of Google for a number of keywords.

Recent example of our SEO success is our client Global Electronics and Telecom Systems.

We ranked them on first position nationally for 17 keywords with ethical SEO and they still dominate their industry online.

Read the complete case study here>>

Features Of Best SEO Company in Delhi NCR

Proven Results

With over 10 years of experience in SEO, we have executed over 1000 successful SEO and content marketing campaigns for over 800 clients World Wide

Ethical SEO practices

We follow ethical SEO practices which are focused on long term benefits and sustainable high search engines rankings saving your website from penalties.

Our Process

Our SEO process starts with research about your business keywords and then we optimise your website with best practices which are always ethical.

No Contract

We never bind our clients in fake contracts but as SEO is a long term process we recommend them to commit for minimum of six months for great results.

Local Business Listings

Our SEO campaigns includes listing your business with top local business listings directories like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc keeping you on top of your competition.

Content Writing

We have our team of professional writers to write the bang on content for your SEO campaigns. We write search engine optimized content.

Get a lifetime FREE Custom Dynamic website with all our SEO plans

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What Makes Us the most reliable SEO Company in Delhi NCR? Its Our Ethical SEO Process.

The process we follow is simple, we focus on your key performance indicators (KPI’s) to start with our SEO, which are phone calls, website form submissions, ecommerce transactions and others.

With the help of Google Analytics, we focus on tracking these important aspects of your business and generate various reports that helps in monitoring your website visitors and what they do on your website and that too in real time throughout the day.

Keyword Research

As a significant part of all SEO services, ICO helps identify smartly chosen and meticulously arranged keywords in order to effectively target online marketing campaigns.

Competitor Analysis

Our SEO department, comprising a team of highly-experienced SEO professionals, deeply analyzes the competitive marketplace as well as existing marketing trends for chosen keywords.

On page SEO

Search Friendly Web Design

Despite offering an attractive look, our web design services are quite focused and entirely customized to deliver maximum results to both client and the customers.

Content Optimization

We optimize the content of your website with the optimal use of keywords and present it in a more meaningful way to your customers.

Website Optimization

We improve your website with our technical expertise. We work on URLs optimization, meta tags optimization, images optimization, page speed optimization.

Off page SEO

Local Search Optimization

Despite offering a global presence, our highly intelligent optimization process is also most rewarding and profitable to address local business markets.

Website Analytics

Our web analytics reports help to identify strength and weakness of certain keywords together with related factors driving web traffic to your website.

Link Building

Our link building experts utilize intelligent techniques to get first-rate quality links so as to enhance website rankings in the search engines.

Contextual Advertising

By using technology-supported smart solutions, we target contextual advertising by keywords relevant to advertisement, and also by URL of the website displaying this ad.

Press Releases

We optimize press releases including all other forms of communications meant for major search engines and various online directories.

Blog Marketing

Our Blog Marketing services help our clients set up their exclusive blog which consequently leads to multiplied web traffic and augmented sales.

SEO company in Delhi NCR for website promotions

Our SEO Strageties Are In Compliance With Google

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Google regularly updates its algorithms and search criteria, therefore we too keep ourselves updated of the same.

Affordable SEO company in Delhi NCR

Advantages of Our SEO Services

Best rankings for your keywords

We work towards achieving best possible rankings for your keywords. Beware of the companies which guarantee top rankings on first page of Google. Even Google doesn’t supports it.

We do not give guarantee for first page rankings but we have done it many times for our clients. We still keep them on first page of Google for a number of keywords.

Guaranteed increase in inquiries from the Website.

We guarantee increase in website traffic and a definite increase in inquiries from your website. Ultimate goal for any SEO company is to increase sales for a business.

We keep on monitoring the SEO campaign results and make necessary amendments to keep increasing the visitors to your website. This results in increase in inquiries and sales.

No Google penalty

Google penalty is one of the most tricky and biggest challenge for any SEO company in Delhi NCR or anywhere in the world. Reason being you don’t even come to know that your website is being penalized by Google.

If you come to know then you may not be able to find out the reason what triggered the penalty from Google on your website.

We never indulge into any shortcuts by suspicious SEO tactics. These may benefit in short term but in the end you loose it all.

Free dynamic website

With all our SEO campaigns you get a free dynamic website if you don’t have one. The website is free for lifetime. Free website we give is not just for the heck of it like other free website services.

We maintain and run a robust website promotion campaign so that you get results from your website. As long as we are doing the SEO for your  free website, we promise you never pay for domain renewal and web hosting.

Negative reviews handling.

We monitor and take care of the negative reviews if any on your social profiles or on Google business page. Reviews are integral part of any SEO campaign for any website.

Positive reviews on Google or any social platforms always help in increase of your website rankings. But negative reviews can always harm your online reputation and SEO.

Long term sustainable results.

We do the SEO in ethical way and we also want to maintain our reputation as the best SEO company in Delhi NCR. Our SEO campaigns generate the most sustainable rankings for a long period of time.

We value your money as we value ours as we have earned it the hard way like you. This attitude drives us to bring wonderful results from our SEO services.

No FAKE promises!

We guarantee improvements in your current website ranking with better conversions.

Our SEO company believes in Phil Frost’s thoughts;

“Successful SEO is not about tricking Google. It’s about PARTNERING with Google to provide the best search results for it’s users.”

You too agree right? Let’s discuss further.

Learn more about our SEO services

Ecommerce SEO

Your ecommerce website can’t generate sales without a robust SEO. Every product needs special attention as it has unique competition in ecommerce SEO. Want to try yourself? Read our Ecommerce SEO guide for Beginners.

Mobile SEO

With more than 50% of internet traffic coming from mobile phones these days and still growing you don’t want to loose your sales to your competition. Unleash the power of mobile SEO and grow your sales.

Local SEO

With our expert SEO services we can bring you to the top in your local market. If you have just started then you can compete with our local SEO service to beat the industry giants.

International SEO

Enter new international market with our most affordable international SEO service. With our understanding of cultural and social habits of people across the globe, we can help you target international markets and become a global brand.

Multilingual SEO

Don’t just depend on English speaking customers for sales. You are loosing a major portion of your revenue to your competition who also target non English speaking countries with multilingual SEO. Contact us now

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