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Pay Per Click (PPC) Management Company in Delhi, India

What is PPC or Pay Per Click Service?

Pay Per Click or PPC service is a type of paid search engine marketing in which company websites pay to the search engines to advertise their company ad in the right hand side (top and bottom) of search engine results for selected keyword searches.

These appear as ‘Sponsored Listings’ within the major search engines. Payment for the advertising is based on the number of times the ad is clicked.

We are the only website designing company in Delhi, India which is experts in PPC management and works on a flat rate. Hence along with website development we also have our feet settled in Digital Marketing.

Our PPC company has an experienced team which combines extensive keyword research with proven PPC strategies that maximize your brand’s visibility and combine our marketing knowledge and experience with proven analysis methods to show you results.

Why ICO for PPC Managment Services?

Pay Per Click advertising is not just about paying for displaying the ad on the search engine. It is a rather complex process.

The success of a PPC campaign depends on many factors which includes

  • calculating the budget,
  • determining the right keyword or keyword phrase,
  • selecting the search engine to run the ad on,
  • accurately placing the bid,
  • choosing the right words for the ad campaign, and
  • reviewing the response of the campaign regularly.

Our PPC agency carefully studies your requirements and industry graph to make your paid advertising campaign a hit with our low cost PPC management service.

We Also Set Up Re-Marketing With Your PPC Account.

What is Remarketing and how can you increase sales from it.

It is believe until now that people hate ads on the websites they visit. Do you like ads on the websites you visit? Of course not.

But what if you see ads of a product or services which you have previously searched with some exciting offers?

You will be lured to click on those.

It is only about the relevant ads you want to see on a website. That is what remarketing is all about.

Showing your website ads to those users who have visited your website before.

You must have experienced it too.

Remarketing lets the ads from your website chase the users who have visited your website before.

Once someone visits your website then your company’s banner ads will be displayed on the banners of other website he visits.

There increase the chances of clicks hence increase in sales and finally the revenue.

How Much Does PPC Cost?

It depends on the number of keywords, the geographic reach and the budget for the ads.

However, we guarantee the most affordable PPC management services in Delhi

We have run the Pay Per Click campaign for as low as Rs 20000 ad budget per month for some of our clients. It can also go upto Rs 500000 per month.

In short our team aims to provide an affordable and result oriented PPC management campaign, to target your customers and generate more sales to grow your business.

Key Features Of Our PPC Management Company

Strategy and Objective

We do not depend on your business information. We carefully research and analyse your target market as well as your competition. After that we design the most suitable PPC campaign to surpass your competition and give you more sales.

Keyword research

We simply not create beautiful ads but all our ad campaigns are based on the thorough research our PPC experts conduct for your business. The keywords we choose for your ad campaigns are based on the user intent while searching on the web.

Visually compelling ads

We bring instant visibility for your business by featuring compelling ads on the targeted niche, which makes us the best PPC management company in Delhi.

Measurable & Trackable

There’s no secret to your PPC performance. Statistics are readily available to show your campaign’s performance and results it’s driving for your budget

Powerful Reporting & Tracking

Our paid digital marketing experts use tracking tools like Google Analytics to collect analytic and bid management analysis for our clients.

Facebook Ads and Other Social Networks

We also manage ad campaigns on Facebook and other social networks giving you more options to expand your advertising platforms

We help you get more traffic with our well managed PPC campaigns

How we are different from other PPC management companies in Delhi – India?

Reliable and Profitable

PPC advertising has proven to be a trustworthy and successful medium for many B2B, B2C, nonprofits, start-ups and other companies seeking fast, quality traffic and conversions. For SEO beginners it is a very safe and profitable advertising to begin with.

Tracking and optimizing your ad spends

PPC gives you instant results and sales if done correctly. It is not just about setting up a PPC campaign and sit back. PPC management is about setting up a campaign, monitor it and optimize it on a regular basis for optimal results. We do it all for you.

No bounding contracts and no percentage charges

We never bind you in a contract for our PPC campaign management. You are free to stop using the services anytime you want.

You don’t have to pay a heavy percentage of your ad budget like every other PPC management company charges.

With ICO you just pay a flat small amount even if you have an ad budget of lakhs of rupees.

Starting A Paid Search Marketing Campaign?

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We set the goals sharp for your PPC campaign which help you hit your target traffic.

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