How does adding Blog Posts or Blogging help in the SEO of your website?


Why are Blog posts important for SEO?

  • Is Adding Blog Posts helpful in the SEO of your website?

  • Why does every company website have a page for “Blog Posts”?

  • Is Blogging really that important?

  • Why do I need a Blog page? This is for technical web pages only.

  • I am just a small business, I don’t need a blog posts page.

Did any of the above questions or thoughts occur to you?

If yes then my friend you are on the right page.

Being a part of a full scale website design and SEO company in South Delhi NCR – India I am totally affirmative about adding blog posts or blogging.

By adding a blog posts page you can;

 Categorically accelerate “search visibility, leads, and sales.”

Wondering how? This blog post will detail the benefits of adding a blog posts page to your website.

But before we jump to the benefits, I’d like to share a useful tip with you. To unlock majority of the benefits you should have your blog hosted on your company’s website.

Some business owners favor creating a separate blog posts page on free hosting platforms like and This may be because a limited budget or due to creating a simply look for the website or some reason best known to them.

But, this is not a very wise decision from SEO point of view and otherwise also. You will be missing out on many of the below benefits by hosting your blog posts page separately.

All the more a dedicated domain name is always better than a separate domain name. For e.g. is not as powerful as

Now straight to the benefits of adding blog posts page to your company website.

Benefits of Adding Blog Posts Page to Company Website

1. Blog Posts Increase Number of Indexed Pages

As per a recent study, blog posts increases the number of indexed pages by 434% through which you get 97% more indexed links.

This is huge in itself and does not need any explanation after all.

2. Blog Posts Increase Search Engine Traffic

By adding blog posts, you are increasing the search traffic of your website.

To illustrate my point let us assume Blog posts to be a magnet and the search engine keywords/traffic to be the iron. Now the more the blog posts, more will be the magnetic field and hence more search engine traffic.

Hence the more content you add to your website via blog posts, more pages get indexed by search engines. Which in turn increases organic search visibility and genuine website traffic.

Do not forget to add keywords (iron) you want to rank for in your blog posts to increase your search engine ranking for those keywords.

3. A warm touch

When you add content to your blog posts page, it also gives you an opportunity to add a warm touch of your business’s personal side to it. Do not always write blog posts with a conscious motive of sales.

Add topics which would interest your prospect clients too. You can also write what your firm does to break monotonicity or the fun activities or a general gyan.

Just share anything you want your visitors to learn about you, your firm or any latest news.

4. Blog posts acts as a catalyst to Social Media Marketing

For maintaining an active social media presence the most important ingredient is, “Unique and High-quality content”.

As a part of the team of a SEO company in South Delhi, NCR, India, I can say that an active social media profile can work magic for increasing your site’s traffic.

So, how to do that?
Sharing engaging content is the only and the best answer to this question. For this you have two options. Either you can share other people’s posts or blogs, which is not a bad idea. Or, you can share your own blog posts.

Both the ways are great. But when you share your own blog posts on your social media page, you have one added advantage. Your followers will be directed to your own website, hence increasing the direct traffic.

5. Benefits Email Newsletter Marketing

You must have heard of the benefits of email newsletter marketing. But immediately the next question which must have occurred to you would have been, “but what to share with our subscribers every day?”

The answer is “your daily blogs”.

Share your own unique blog posts with your subscribed users and keep them engaged with interesting and informative content.

6. Build trust and authority in your niche

By sharing important industry news and insights you build a good rapport, trust and authority in your niche. This way you spread your name among the interested users. And your name will the first to click in their mind when they are actually looking to buy your industry’s products or services.

7. Increases Conversion Rates

If you have a blog page on your website then it is essential your business owners to update it regularly. But if for some reason one cannot update the blog page then it may be better not to have one.

Because a dead blog page is worse than a no blog page.

When you have an active blog you are implicitly signaling of your updated knowledge about the leading industry trends and also that you are still in business. This will then increase your brand loyalty which will further add on to increase the conversion rates of your website.

According to Hubspot, overall ROI is also more likely to increase for companies who add regular and unique blog posts.

8. Increase Backlinks by adding Blog Posts

Getting natural and organic backlinks is an extremely challenging task. But by adding useful content through blog posts you can get quality inbound links to your website.

When you add quality content to your blog posts, it may serve as a resource for other bloggers or firms or even media houses. And then you start to gain quality organic backlinks as other authors, journalists, bloggers shall reference and quote your content in their own articles.

9. Increased ranking for Long-tail search queries

As per hubspot  a long tail keyword is a much targeted search phrase that contains 3 or more words. It often contains a head term, which is a more generic search term 1 or 2 words in length.

For example:

Head term: Website Designing

Long tail keywords: why is responsive website designing useful? How to hire an affordable website designer?

A standard website can rank well for a business specific keyword (head term). But it would be very difficult to rank for Long tail keywords.

This is where blog posts come to rescue.

The more content you add more are the chances you get to rank high for the more searchable long tail search queries.

10. High Lead Generation

Leading industry insights have made it clear that the more pages a website has, more leads it will get.

According to Hubspot, businesses with 401-1000 pages of content get 6x more leads than those with 51-100.

This clearly leads to the fact that the more blog posts you add, the more content you create which generates more leads for your business.

11. Know what’s on your users’ mind

By adding blog posts you open the other end of the posts for user discussions. By utilizing this option the users or readers can post their comments, feedbacks and even negative remarks.

And as a business you earn the golden information of what’s on your user’s mind. What is that they are looking for? Or, what is it that they did not like.

You can then frame your marketing strategy depending on the insights learned through the users’ discussions.

12. More scope to add internal links

When you add more content on your website through blog posts, you increase the option of higher page rank by adding more internal links.

The search engine crawls through the website for related internal links and spread increased internal links throughout the website.

13. Adds freshness to your website

Nobody likes to see the same old information for ages. Google definitely does not.

“There’s no Freshness. There’s no Originality” – Joe Keenan

That is so true.

Search engines like Google rewards the site who periodically update their site with fresh and informative content with better visibility.

When you add a fresh content it is highly probable for you to include the leading trends news and updates. Because of this you get the higher percentage of being found when that particular trending search is made on the internet.

Get a Blog Posts page

If you are struggling to do something new, something fresh that could differentiate yourself you’re your competitors. Then adding a Blog posts page to your website or blogging is the deal of the day.

By sharing your unique opinions and visions with your users you treat yourself with customer trust, increased search traffic and ultimately increased sales.

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Now that you have learned the benefits of adding blog posts to your website make sure you have one on your website. If you are looking to start fresh, contact our sales team here for blog page designing.