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Businesses now a days are not just sticking to their brick and mortar shop. But, they wish to leave a mark of their presence in the world. And this can only be started by having a website. As a web designing company in Malviya Nagar Delhi we are absolutely affirmative to this thought.


“A website is the first impression of your business. And first impressions are imperative.”

Our web development company in South Delhi has been operational since 2007. And since then we have delivered many projects of website designing, SEO, ecommerce development, mobile apps development, content writing and data entry services in Malviya Nagar, South Delhi.

A custom web designing company in Delhi like ours, develop responsive websites so as to engage in perfection and deliver the best visuals. As we understand that along with the visuals a perfect coding is essential for a fully functional website.

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We understand your need for a local vendor with whom you can discuss your thoughts one on one. Therefore we are here to help you by creating awesome websites and make them SEO friendly at reasonable prices.

Affordable Web Design Services in Malviya Nagar Delhi

As an affordable website designing company in Delhi we have special plans for start-up organizations. Because we understand the importance of having a website. Thus we encourage this by extending our small but significant support.

Moreover ICO provides the best website designing solutions to our clients in Malviya Nagar, Delhi because:

“We Provide End-To End Website Solutions”

That is to say that we provide all the necessary solutions to make a website up and running.

In other words our web development company in South Delhi is a one stop solution for all your website designing and development needs.

Along with website designing, we also provide SEO services in South Delhi to help your website reach out to the world.

We provide all the services necessary to make your website go live. This includes domain registration service, web hosting services, content writing services and data entry services too if required.

Our Quality and Prices are unbeatable for web design, SEO, content writing and data entry work

Malviya Nagar Web Development Agency

ICO WebTech, a Malviya Nagar-South Delhi based web development firm has 10 years of experience in developing superior quality sites. Additionally, our team of professional web developers can develop websites using leading platforms. To emphasize, PHP, MySQL, Magento, WordPress, CMS and other open source platforms.

Our Malviya Nagar, Delhi PHP Web Developers have experience in developing all industry websites. Notably ecommerce websites, online business applications, content management systems and back-end systems for data management.

The in-house team of our web developers in Malviya Nagar Delhi, develop robust and scalable web applications. Therefore we have development packages to suit the pocket size of every business in an efficient manner.

Our Web Designing Process at Malviya Nagar Delhi

At ICO we strongly agree that:

“A great result can only be driven with a robust process.”


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The first step obviously is to sketch an outline of the requirement. Accordingly it is further divided into four sections.

1. Research and Analysis

To point out researching is a standard practice for any best website designing company. Notably, with so many tools now available it is imperative and essential to analyze the requirement.

Whether we are redesigning a website, or developing it from scratch. Usually we follow the practice of keyword research, competitor analysis and analytics study.

2. Site Architecture

Just before we start designing the website we decide the architecture of the site by structuring the Sitemap.

We develop the site architecture keeping in mind the future user-experience. Because we build website which are user friendly and search engine friendly.

3. Strategy

Now that we have done the necessary and required research, we then move to the next step. Which is developing a strategy to match your business requirement.

The knowledge we acquired from the initial analysis is put together. And a strategy is planned to execute the design, development and marketing plans.

4. Wireframes

At our Malviya Nagar web designing company we understand how important a blueprint is to make a website. Owing to this we implement wireframes to our websites before including the color and style.

As wire framing expands the vision to add content and hierarchy of the site. So as to add more value to the sections which need high emphasis.


The second step of our web designing process is carving a design for your website. Owing to this we implement the below process.

1. UI/UX Design

At our Malviya Nagar web design company, we don’t just fill in colors to make the website look pretty. In fact we have a purpose behind every detailing in the websites we create.

Because the ultimate goal is to achieve a seamless user experience in the websites we design. Where the users have no hard time finding what they are looking for.

2. Responsive Websites

We all are aware of the role of smartphones in our lifestyle. Because of which the importance of designing a responsive website has increased in the last decade.

Our South Delhi website designers create websites which are compatible on all devices. So that the users don’t have to pinch in and zoom or adjust the screen to view the contents.


The visuals are great. But if the functionality of a website is not proper then it won’t serve the purpose for which it was made. As a matter of fact our development process ensures flawless experience.

1. Coding Standards

As a professional web development company in Delhi we follow the standard coding procedures while developing sites for our clients.

As a matter of fact we follow the W3C coding standards and the best industry practices. Regardless of the platform we are using to build the website.

2. Browser Testing

A web development company like ours will always perform thorough testing procedures at each step. So that there are no surprises at the time of launch.

For this purpose we test the websites we develop on multiple browsers and devices. Coupled with testing on online software and in real-time also.

3. SEO Ready

All the websites we built are search engine ready. Since we are a digital marketing company in Malviya Nagar Delhi. Therefore we understand the significance of SEO in today’s digital world.

For this we built websites which are ready to compete in the search engine rankings. To achieve better visibility and increased brand awareness.

4. Custom Development

There are times when your business demands custom development to be integrated in the site. So as to achieve the targeted business objective. This is where our custom web development services comes to use.

We develop websites with custom functionality. Which enables complex features like combination searches, or custom signaling or any other feature, to be integrated.

5. Page Load Speed

As per study a website has only 7-8 seconds to impress a user. And it is our job to create fast loading impressive websites to attract the attention of the user.

Correspondingly we give special attention to optimize the site for faster loading speed on desktop and mobile devices both.


The detailing to be considered before launch are very crucial. Granted that we have our set-up process in place for a hassle-free launch.

1. Server Hosting

As we are an end-to-end web solutions company in Malviya Nagar Delhi. Therefore we provide the solutions right from designing to deployment of your website.

Furthermore we are a verified reseller of GoDaddy. Hence we can help you host your website easily. Ensuring fast, secure and reliable hosting services.

2. Timely Launch

It is our commitment to launch your website on the mutually agreed website launch date. Given that we follow all the above steps for the smooth flow of the website launch.

To be sure there are no surprises at the end leaving a happy and satisfied look on our clients.

3. CMS and Maintenance

We are very flexible when it comes to the maintenance of the website we created for you. With this in mind we have two options to support.

Either you can update and maintain your website yourself by our CMS training sessions. Or you can have ICO maintain and update your website with our affordable maintenance plans.

Wondering how to get started?

Just reach out to us by calling at our local number 8447380262 or fill in the form here.

We are very responsive and will get back to you in or less than 24 hours time.

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