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What Exactly Is Content And Content Marketing?

Content is, was and will always be the King of the digital marketing world!

This is because without content there would be nothing to be optimized for the search engines.

Every image, every post or tweet, every video, every page, and every product description—they’re all illustrations of content.

As rightly put together by Ian Lurie, of Portent, Inc.:

Content isn’t ‘stuff we write to rank higher’ or ‘infographics’ or ‘long-form articles.’
In fact content is anything that communicates a message to the audience. Anything.

It is the content that beats behind every action taken as marketers. Whatever the businesses say to their customers or clients or readers , in whichever form —is Content.

Being a content creating agency in Delhi India we are very much aware of the significance of content. Because of which our extended online marketing efforts via Content Marketing becomes more effective.

Content Marketing is the utilization of that content—in any form—aimed to achieve a marketing goal for your business. That could be adding budding customers, holding existing ones, brand awareness, or anything else.

Top marketing companies in Delhi and around the world recommend content marketing as a core ingredient in a multi-level marketing funnel. Promoting the content at the right time, at the right place can get you fortunes.

Our content marketing services will help you in creating and promoting your brand’s stories on various online platforms. This way we help help you connect with the prospects who are very much interested in your kind of stories. Ultimately all this engagement will lead to a shift in your business ROI.

ICO’s Content Marketing Features

Content Strategy

A digital marketing plan is incomplete without the know-hows of a business. For this we design a strategy by asking questions like “What’s your core business?”, “Do you want to target a particular audience?” and so on. We then draft a strategy suiting your business and matching your goals.

Content Creation

This forms the base for content marketing. Therefore our content team understands your requirements in details before forming the significant marketing material. This content marketing material can be in the form of newsletters, e-books, social media blurbs, white-papers and more.

Content Promotion

We promote your impactful content on high quality online platforms where your niche’s prospects are in search for related services, products or any other information. Moreover we make sure your brand is promoted through the right channels at the right time to reach the right audience so as to increase your ROI.

Let us create and magnify related content to escalate page session time

Benefits of Content Marketing through Digital Marketing Company in South Delhi

Saves your time and hassles

We very well know how much effort it takes to write fresh quality content consistently. Our content writing team will do all the content writing you need so that you can peacefully focus on your core business

Establish your brand

Good content writing keeps your readers looking to learn more about your services and products. Thus it generates trust and becomes the voice of your brand leading to more conversions.

Increase search engine rankings

We write SEO optimized content focusing on your target audience. As the relevant keywords are included in the content we write. It gives a boost to the overall Search Engine Rankings of your website.

Lay the foundation of your Marketing

Quality content on your website is the foundation of your over all marketing efforts as website is the face of your business. Our content writers produce eye catchy, simple yet engaging content for your website.

Vigorous Content Marketing Strategies!

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With our content marketing services you can win your pre-decided goals of lead generation, higher rankings and industry leadership.

Sharing Some Knowledge About Content Marketing

Tips for result oriented Content Marketing

Always remember the fact that the content which you draft for your website should be crafted with the intention of selling, educating, and increasing the customer constancy.

SEO Content Writing 2018: What, Why and How!

We all get attracted if we see or read something that holds our interest. If something interesting is written in parts then we would like to read the complete article. And hereby gets linked to the website hosting that article.

How to build brand by Video Marketing?

Planning for a marketing strategy? Hope Video Marketing is a part of it because a marketing strategy is incomplete without it. Video marketing is very much in and the most famous video site is You Tube. YouTube witnesses hundreds of millions of visitors every month because visitors enjoy watching videos.

Did the Chicken come first or the egg???

This is the classic tug-o-war question, isn’t it?
While the question “chicken came first or the egg?” is decades old, the answer is still debatable. Similarly, content and design fight a similar battle of who shall come first. Some web design experts are in favor of content first, while others prefer design first.