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The other day we got an inquiry (thanks to our dedicated SEO services in Delhi) for Designing. Further our sales rep asked for some details. Like, whether you are looking for graphic designing or web designing.

Unfortunately the client wasn’t sure.

That is when it occurred to me that may be there is some confusion regarding graphic design vs web design with some users. Because a common man refers to both as Designers.

But, wait!

There is hell lot of difference between what a graphic designer does and the services of a web designer.

Therefore to understand the differences of graphic design vs web design, let us first understand their individual work details.

What is Web Designing?

Web Design is a procedure starting with an idea followed by its execution to building a collection of electronic files. And these electronic files define the design, content, graphics and other interactive features so as to deliver your web pages to your website’s visitors.

In short, web designing includes everything about how your website looks on the browsers. By using professional website designing services in Delhi you can up the value and usability of your website for your site’s users.

The different expanses of web design take account of,

  • web graphic design;
  • interface design;
  • authoring,
  • including standardized code and proprietary software;
  • user experience design; and
  • Search Engine Optimization

What is Graphic Designing?

Graphic Designing is an art, which is functional.

Graphic designing is a process of visual communication where visual concepts are created on paper or on an electronic device by the help of a software. So as to converse designs that enthuse, enlighten and attract targeted customers.

Common uses of graphic design include

  • corporate design (logos and branding),
  • editorial design (magazines, newspapers and books),
  • wayfinding or environmental design,
  • advertising,
  • web design,
  • communication design,
  • product packaging and
  • signage

Graphic Design vs Web Design

Comparison Metrics Graphic Design Web Design
Color Mode CMYK RGB
Fonts Free to use any Restricted to user’s OS
Graphics Uses physical size like inch, cm etc. Uses Pixels
Presentation Static Design Dynamic and Interactive features
Post Production Dependent on material and media used Use back-end development and several applications
Viewing Mode Paper, Cloth etc. Screen
Amount of Info Be subject to material size Depends on HTML

Both are designing, but Medium is different

Graphic designing and web designing both are a form of art. But what differentiates the two is the medium on which they are done. And the restrictions and liberties each form is entitled to.

As with Graphic designing the designers are more liberated in a way that they can design anything without having to worry about the page width, or programming or HTML codes or even speed.

Whereas with Web Designing the web designers have to be great in visual effects while maintaining the speed, efficiency and other web standards.

Graphic and Web Design Job Description

Web Designer:

  • Represent technology in an arty way
  • Develop a visual communication with customers via websites
  • Must know how to design for various screen sizes
  • Keep pace with the leading web design trends
  • Can improve and develop the design above time
  • Well aware of JavaScript, Jquery, PHP, web application development, UI design
  • Should be able to work on various web designing tools
  • Working knowledge of Adobe Dreamweaver

Graphic Designer:

  • Art comes first.
  • Lays emphasis on communicating a message through the design to its target audience
  • Must know how the design elements translate to on printing
  • Should get the design right, absolutely right, before printing
  • Skills required: Adobe Creative Suite, typesetting, concept development, marketing material
  • Graphic Design Tool: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW

Summary of Graphic Design vs Web Design

While both the designing forms have their own benefits. It really depends on the medium and the purpose of designing.

Therefore if your purpose is to get a print on a material which great visuals. Or logo designing or brochure designing or any other material designing hire a graphic designer.

But if you are looking to build or enhance the visual or interactive features on your web page then hire web designing services South Delhi.

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