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India still rules the world when it comes to outsourcing. The preferred country to hire virtual staff of web developers, web designers, SEO experts and what not. From small business owners to industry giants have some outsourcing connection with India.

With growing demand and budget constraints, businesses from across the globe have hired dedicated resources in India for administrative work, business processes, medical transcription, market research, IT, web designing and development, online marketing, SEO etc.

India is the top choice when businesses look to hire dedicated web developers.

But why India for dedicated resources for web development.

1. Good command on English

Indians always have good command on English language. In fact English has unofficially become the second language of India.

This is a major reason why India is the most loved location to hire dedicated web developers for USA, UK, Canada, Australia and other English speaking countries. This removes the major communication barrier in outsourcing web development overseas.

Business are more comfortable and feel at ease in interacting with dedicated virtual staff they have hired in India.

2. Availability of the virtual staff

It has become a trend of working in rotational working hours in India. Thanks to the boom in BOP sector since 1999.

You can hire a dedicated web developer in India who will work as per your time. No matter which country you are from.

They cutting edge flexibility in working hours of web developers in India again makes India a profitable bet to outsource web development.

3. Internet infrastructure

Growing competition among internet service providers in India has led to amazing internet services infrastructure. The lightning fast internet has increased the productivity by more than 100% in the web development sector.

You can monitor your dedicated web developer on the go.

Uploading files to web servers, accessing remote servers, logging into online collaboration tools all has become super fast.

4. IT infrastructure

It infrastructure has improved a lot in India. Considered as one of the best in the world with enormous talent pool of IT professionals.

Web development companies in India have easy access to the best of IT professionals. This is the reason why there is almost zero downtime for your web developers.

Cyber security is a major concern when you outsource your web development work overseas. In India you will find the most secured IT infrastructures.

5. Expertise and experience

You can hire dedicated web developers with the expertise of your choice.

You get a variety of PHP developers, ASP developers, JAVA developers, Python developers, RoR developers, Frameworks developers, WordPress Developers, Joomla developers and you name it.

All these dedicated web developers are experienced and talented to take on your outsourcing projects.

6. Communication and collaboration

Web development companies in India keep themselves updated with the most advanced communication and collaboration tools.

You can interact with your dedicated web developers vial local phone line, chat applications, emails, basecamp, active collab and web management and collaboration tools.

It is exactly like dealing with your own staff in your office in other room.

7. Full control

The dedicated web developers work for you Monday to Friday, 8 hours a day. You have full control over the staff you have hired.

You can make them work on any projects within the chosen availability. You get complete work reports with time tracking.

8. Save more than 50% of what you spend on your inhouse web developer

In India you can hire a dedicated web developer at less than half of the cost of what you spend on your inhouse web developer.

You don’t have to worry about employee management, infrastructure cost, insurance, security and many other costs.

You just need to interact with your dedicated web developer.

9. It is simply the best deal

To conclude, hiring dedicated web developer in India will not only save you cost but will also give you a piece of mind.

You will remain competitive as you can concentrate on your core business and leave the web development to the outsourcing company in India.

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