FAQs on Offshore Outsourcing of Web Designing work to ICO Webtech

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What are the benefits of Offshore Outsourcing or Dedicated Offshore Employment with ICO?

  • Save 50% of in-house hiring cost of a professional & experienced employee
  • Hire Dedicated Employees as per your project needs
  • Flexible option of Part-time or Full-time hiring
  • The employee you hire will work as per your Time-zone.
  • Full control on the employee you hire via email or Skype

I am new to Offshore Outsourcing, how does it work here?

We understand your dilemma when it comes to offshore outsourcing. To help you understand the work process of offshore outsourcing companies in India, here is a flowchart.

Client’s Requirement – we get the requirement from client in detail about the website design and development work.

Homepage Mock-up – if you are a new client you can test our services here. We will create few homepage mock-ups as per your requirement and you can finalize any one of them or suggest us further changes.

50% Advance – before we move any further kindly pay 50% of total payment in advance.

Project Development Initial Phase – we start developing the website and complete it by 70%.

Client Feedback – ask for the feedback of the client and if he suggests some revisions.

Project Development Final Phase – finish the rest of the development and design work.

Review – our quality department reviews the  website of any bugs.

Complete Payment – show the website on our server to the client and ask for complete payment due.

Deliver Project – deliver the project along with the source code.

Do you offer any trial service?

If you are new to offshore outsourcing then we can help you get comfortable with the concept. For this we can design one page mock up and when you are alright with our working process we can go ahead and complete the website designing project for you.

What about Data Security & Confidentiality?

At ICO we completely understand and agree that the Data or information of any company is crucial. We do not compromise on the security & confidentiality of our client’s data and take strict actions to guarantee security at every stage of outsourcing.

Some major security and privacy measures we follow are:

  • We sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with our clients and a Non-Disclosure bond with our employees before any project.
  • We have firewalls in place for incoming and outgoing traffic
  • The systems on which our employees work do not have external storage (floppy/cd drive/USB ports) devices active.
  • The activities on our systems are monitored by a dedicated IT professional
  • All our systems restrict access to social networking sites or personal email accounts
  • Authorization is required to access the system
  • Fully updated Anti-virus software are implemented
  • We have CCTVs fixed all the way through our office premises

Do you have satisfactory infrastructure to support my Website Designing projects?

Yes. We tune in to the most updated versions of the technology for all our website design and development work. Be rest assured.

Can I see some of your past work or better, can I get some References?

We operate on two work models.

  1. Direct Business
  2. Partner Clients

Direct Business – this model works on getting the requirement directly from the client. In this case you can see the website we built for them and also the reference number.

Partner Clients – in this case we partner with companies who get the requirement from direct clients and they outsource their work to us. Here we cannot show the website we made for them due to the NDA signed but can surely give references to you.

Can I remotely hire a Developer or Designer on Full-time or Part-time basis?

Sure you can. Please visit our Offshore Employee Hiring in India page to know more

Can I get daily report of my Offshore Hired Web Designer or Developer?

Yes, we can provide you with daily updates upon request.

If you hire a dedicated employee in India, full-time or half-time then, at the end you will get hourly report of the work done by the resource.

But if you are working with us on a project basis then you will be regularly updated with the progress, but hourly or daily reports cannot be done here.

Is language an issue?

Since we are based in New Delhi which is the capital state of India the people here are well educated. So you will not face the language issue while working with us.

The designers and developers are professionally very well equipped but may not have the desired fluency in English to communicate over phone. For this reason we have them communicate with you over emails or skype. Also, the assigned Account Manager who is very fluent in English language can be a bridge if you have to communicate over phone.

Is there a Project Management Tool/Application to manage the Project?

We have our own Project Management Tool which can be used to manage the project very easily and at all the stages at a small additional amount.

It is advised to use a PM tool to monitor the developments at all phases and to share the feedback of your website designing work with us at all stages.

Do you have a quick Turnaround Time of the Offshore Outsourcing Projects?

The TAT usually depends on the requirements of the project. But if at all you have a deadline to meet then we can work out the timelines and get it done.

Are there any additional hidden costs?

No. We do not charge any set up fees from our clients. The only cost you bear is to hire an offshore web developer in India, either full-time, part-time or on hourly basis.

How can I pay if I choose your offshore outsourcing services?

ICO accepts payments made via bank cheque, wire transfer, and Paypal.

What if I do not like the Developer / Designer?

If you do not like the developer and/or designer assigned to your project, you just have to get in touch with the Account Manager assigned to you and he will take the necessary actions. This may also include replacing him/her at the earliest.

I want to use the Offshore Outsourcing web designing services, what do I need to do?

Simply contact us here and we will get back to you within 24 hours or less.

Read our general Website Design FAQs if you have some more queries.

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