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Last week I stumbled upon an article How to Recruit an A-Quality Designer for Your Company. This made me think about discussing the key points which a Client should consider before Web Design Outsourcing.

ICO being an offshore outsourcing company in New Delhi, India believes and fulfills all the key points which should be necessary for an Outsourcing need.

If you are skeptical about why should you Outsource, I’d recommend reading the Benefits of Outsourcing to India.

Consider your Web Design Outsourcing company as your Partner, who will help in your business growth in ways explained here.

Hiring offshore employees has not lost it charm still. You may have had many bad experiences in offshore outsourcing.


Those are solely because you blindly believe what your offshore partners promise. The flowery services and heavy cost savings offerings may have lured you to sign the contract. And it didn’t turn out well in for you.

This is the common scenario with companies who have tried hiring offshore and are now reluctant to do it again.

But they are seriously losing the opportunity to save on the huge cost of hiring in house. Also, this bad experience stories travel very fast over our World Wide Web, so the companies who haven’t tried hiring offshore are not considering it at all.

You have to be diligent in choosing your outsourcing partner. Do not just go with the very first choice. Make a checklist to be clear about what factors you just cannot ignore before finalizing one.

Make sure you cross check with the list below before hiring your Web Design Outsourcing Partner in India

Almost all of us must have booked a party venue, right? Do you just book the very first one that comes across you? No, right? You do your due diligence, check reviews online, see similar ones and then chose the best among all.

So, if we do not finalize a party venue just randomly, then here we are talking about our Business. One just cannot, rather should not randomly chose a outsourcing partner randomly, being lazy.

You can check out the positive qualities to look for in developers, and mistakes to avoid when outsourcing development. Once you have a shortlisted list of outsourcing companies, finalize the one which satisfies you by covering the below points.


Check their portfolio to get a glimpse of their previous work. Try to ask dig in to know their knowledge of designing and developing websites. Ask questions about their relevant experience, platform they use, how many clients have worked with them etc.

Some of the offshore services companies especially in web design field do not have enough work samples or testimonials on their websites or in their portfolio.

This is because they generally partner with web design companies in USA or UK and cannot display the work they do for them in their own portfolio.

So how can you check their credentials?

Best way to check their expertise for your work and the quality they provide is by giving them a small project for which you can pay once they successfully do it without any advance payment.

If they seriously want to earn your business they should be willing to do a small test project for you.

Case Studies

Ask them if they case studies where they helped clients in their growth. Also, ask them how much time and money have they saved for their clients in Outsourcing business.

Online Search

Search the company on search engines, Social sites, forums etc and get maximum information about it. Check the reviews, both positive and negative ones, and decide for yourself if they work for you


What’s better than hearing straight from the horse’s mouth. Ask for relevant references and and be attentive to what kind of project they did for the reference client. If they satisfied one client with similar development needs, chances are they won’t disappoint you either.

Technology Knowledge

This is crucial. They have to have advanced knowledge of the technology you wish to have your web design project worked on. As this is about Web Design Outsourcing, it is imperative to have thorough and updated knowledge about the tools, techniques and advancements.


First and the most important thing is, do they understand and communicate in your language and how good they are at it? There is no point even discussing business if an off shore company is not able to communicate in English if you are based in US or UK.

You can always check by communicating with them over emails and also have few phone calls with them. This will give you an idea of their writing and speaking skill of English language.

Most tech guys like web developers and web designers are not good at speaking or communication in English Language, but if such companies can provide you a project manager who is good in communicating in English, to monitor your off shore employee and act as a point of contact for you then it is heads up for you.

Such companies may prove reliable as they are willing to take an extra step for you

Location & Holidays

Their location is very important. For example, if you are looking to find an offshore partner in India then you may come across thousands of small companies even one man armies promising flowery deliverables.

But you should be smart enough to check where in India you get quality web designers and developers or any expertise you are looking for.

Few locations in India where you find quality people who can actually deliver what they promise are National Capital Region, NCR, this is the area around New Delhi where all the biggies have their offshore centers, to name a few, IBM, Microsft, Dell, Agilent Technologies, Adobe and many others.

So if they can do that and save billions of $$, why can’t you.

People around this location are also very good in English.

Also ask them to share their Holidays calendar. So that the work schedule and deadlines can be arranged accordingly

Time Zone

Another important aspect while selecting your offshore partner is to check if they work as per your time zone. As this reduces the time gap which is a barrier in timely delivery of work. Otherwise you may need to wait for 24 hrs to get an answer to your questions.

You will find a lot of good Web Design Companies around NCR in India who work during night here and provide services as per your time zone. So you can get updates in a timely manner from such offshore companies.

Some companies also provide a local US number for their clients to reach them which is a very good offering. You can reach them by dialing a local number even if they are far away

Data Security

Data is everything in today’s Business World. So make sure to scrutinize the security measures taken by your to be outsourcing partner to prevent data leakage  of your company. Confirm with your partner if they have reliable software, closed circuit television, guards etc. to protect the data


Sign necessary documents like NDA or SLA to avoid any future conflicts. It’s always better to the paper work in the beginning for a smooth process.


Fix the payments and mode of payments before assigning work to your partner.

Communication and Customer Service

How can you reach them is another point to be considered while selecting an offshore partner for your web design business?

A good web design outsourcing company will always provide enough modes of communications for example chat, email, phones etc. You must see which way you are comfortable in communicating with them. As you may get into a situation where you are not able to reach your offshore partner when you need them the most.

So phone call is the best and chat applications are added advantage.

Control and Reports

If the companies, you are in conversation with fulfill the above criteria then you must check how much control you have over the resource you hire at their location.

Resource should be accessible over phone and chats while working for you. You must be able to send work directly to the person you hire. Which may be monitored by the project managers or supervisors at their location.

You must ask for daily or weekly or monthly reports for the work done for you.


Ask the outsourcing partner to maintain the Code Standards by keeping the code clean and properly labeled. This will help if someone else from your internal team wants to work with the code later.

Above all, think wisely.

There is a lot which offshore web design outsourcing can offer. You can save thousands of $$ by choosing the right offshore partner for your business.

Contact ICO to hire your Web Design Outsourcing Partner in New Delhi, India and save almost 50% of your in-house hiring cost.


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