Compete With SEO in Delhi


Do you use Google? What for?

For almost everything you need to find. Right?

Searches on Google are not just restricted to find products or services only like in old days. We use Google for things like weather reports, sports updates, news, maps directions and you name it.

New Delhi is the city of opportunities for obvious reasons and is the capital of India. Taking into consideration the National Capital Region or NCR it becomes one of the largest cities in India. Everyday you find new companies set up, new shops open. Even in our business we find a new SEO company in Delhi NCR almost everyday when we do a Google search for the keyword ‘SEO Company In Delhi

So how to compete with SEO in Delhi

Answer is not that simple but it is not that difficult either. First of all you need to be sure about why do you need SEO or Search Engine Optimization if you are in Delhi or any other city in India. I am sure the answer is to grow your sales and expand your business.

Obviously growth is the sole purpose of SEO. Whether you want more sales on your ecommerce website, or you want more visitors on your personal blog or you are looking to establish your brand using SEO.

SEO starts with identifying your business goals and then analyzing what your ideal customers are looking for:

A little brief about what people look for in Google Searches

  1. Seeking answers: It doesn’t happens always that people only search for businesses in Google. But people use Google today even to find meaning of a certain word or a synonym or any other information like distance between India and USA or may be checking history.
  2. Compare: Customers these days are not smarter as compare to the old days it is just that they are using the technology more. Even in olden times people used to visit different shops before buying a single product. Same way they use Google these days to compare any product or services they need.
  3. For fun: Google has also become a favorite time pass for many. It doesn’t matters how old are you, you trust Google more than your friends.

How does SEO helps you reach your customers anyway?

Ok it works both ways. SEO helps your customers reach you and helps you reach your customers.

Businesses and start-ups are making money with SEO even if someone is using Google for fun. When it is for fun then the most benefited industry is gaming or entertainment. Now you know that

There is an opportunity of making money by using SEO services in Delhi even if someone is using Google just for fun.

If someone wants to compare services which you provide with your competitors then SEO helps. Your website or lading page should pop up on first page of Google if someone is searching for your services just to compare. What an ideal situation it is to build your brand. Comparison may not provide you with immediate sale but your ideal customer will come to know about your existence and who know if your website content is professionally presented and if your website design is compelling then you may get the business which might go to your competitor.

Now if someone is seeking answers it may be a general search term they use but what if they are looking for a solution to their problem. Imaging you have a blog designed on your website which focuses on giving knowledge or provides solutions to customers problems in a genuine way then what is the other way to gain trust of your customers and build a strong brand.

What can you do about competing with SEO services in Delhi?

Well we can give you an idea about the basics of SEO if you are not from digital marketing background. Whether you are doing SEO in Delhi or any other city in India the basics of Search Engine Optimization remain the same.

On-Page SEO

On page SEO is what your customers think about your website. IF they like it then they may end up giving you a sale and if they don’t then they may switch to your competitor’s website. It is all about your site architecture and placing of your keywords. Site architecture involves your site URLs, internal linking, headings, meta content, content and keywords optimization and hierarchy of your website. Read about our on-page SEO  article.

Off-page SEO

In a nut shell Off page SEO is what Google thinks about your website. The online presence which makes Google trust your website and rank it over your competitors. You should have quality backlinks, local search presence, social media links, relevant directories presence and much more. You can get the complete details about the off-page SEO on our blog.

Website Content Writing

Content writing for SEO is an art. You have to include your keywords in a way that they don’t look like insertion. Keywords have to be included in a natural way. The irony is that if you don’t include keywords in your content then you may not rank on Google and if you include then you have to be extra careful. You can take the help of  SEO content writers available in case you need help. Read about our SEO content writing in our blog.

You don’t think you have time to study to compete with SEO in Delhi

This is fair enough. You can’t do everything by yourself. You are human after all. Even if you don’t know anything about SEO you can still reap the benefits.

What you can do

Hire a genuine SEO company in Delhi NCR and discuss your business needs with them. You can even hire a dedicated SEO expert in India.

Before you decide to hire a SEO company in Delhi NCR you may want to got through our SEO service FAQs

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