Hire Dedicated SEO Expert India

Hire dedicated SEO Experts to bring your website on top of search engine rankings and build your brand online.

Benefits of hiring dedicated SEO Experts in India with ICO WebTech Private Limited.

Save 50%

You save almost 50% of your cost of hiring in house


You get team of experienced & skilled professionals


You get your remote employee available as per your time zone


You get local phone number, chat applications, emails for communication.

Full Control

Full control over employee like you hire a resource in-house


You can hire a remote employee both full time and part time

Hire Dedicated SEO Experts and save more than 50% of your cost

Save more than 50% on your SEO cost when you hire professional SEO Expert in India with us.

With over 10 years of experience in providing SEO services to different industries we have seen the evolution of search engines like Google and Bing and we know what exactly we need to adapt in our SEO process to keep up with the frequent changes in search algorithms.

Our process of doing SEO is so robust and efficient that we can afford to provide you team of dedicated SEO professionals in the price of freelance SEO experts.

You get the benefits of working with a professional SEO outsourcing company which you never get working with a SEO freelancer.

We just not keep boasting about our expertise. Our work speaks for us.

See how we helped Global Electronics and Telecom Systems to get on top of Google searches for 17 keywords in just 3 months. 

Read the case study here

We have changed the way SEO Outsourcing  works. You can now outsource parts of your SEO campaign.

For example you can hire Link building experts, keyword analysis experts, competitor analysis experts, SEO content writers or what ever part of your digital marketing campaigns is eating up your time and money.

You can hire dedicated SEO Experts for the following

Competitor Analysis

Your competitors are ahead of you online so what they are doing and you are not?

Our SEO Experts in the first step thoroughly analyse your business competition within your target market and come up with a bang on SEO strategy which beats your competition out of Search Engines.

Keyword Analysis

Choosing the right keywords for your website to appear in online search results is the one of the most important thing of your SEO campaign.

Members of our SEO team perform an extensive research on your target keywords and come up with various long tail and short keywords to be used in different combinations.

SEO Content Writing

You can also hire dedicated SEO content writers in India at our office in New Delhi. Our content writers work along with our research and analysis team to product specific content for your website, social media, emailers, newsletters and many other activities.

SEO Content Optimization

Your existing website not giving results online, this could be because the content on your website is not optimized with target keywords, meta content needs to be optimized too.

Our dedicated SEO experts can do it all for you.

Quality Link Building

Link building is still very important for over all SEO of your website. Our team makes sure your website has quality backlinks and remove all the low quality backlinks from the internet to further boost your website’s online rankings.

Web Page Speed Optimization

Website page loading speed is also one of the major rankings factor in SEO. We have all the tools and expertise to make your website pages lightning fast which load in a blink and prevent your customers to move away from your website.

Website Structure Optimization

Our SEO experts optimize the complete structure of your website which includes, URL structure, internal linking, sitemaps, Heading tags etc.

Concentrate more on lead conversion and increase your sales.

Let us help

Increase your visibility and rankings on search engines with our ethical and effective SEO.

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Clients Speak

I have to say that working with your company has been extremely easy for me. I was somewhat reluctant to work with you initially, however, I am glad that we made the decision to give this a try. You and your developers are extremely professional.

Larry Simmons
Owner, BFS Websites, USA

Don’t loose out on all the $$ you can save. We never let you down.

A brief  resume of our SEO experts in India

Google analytics and Search console

HTML Knowledge

Proficient in using various CMS

Analytical skills

Minimum 3 years of experience

Minimum 3 years of certification

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Benefits of Outsourcing

With the ever growing need of skilled people that at a lower cost has become an issue for all the companies around the globe and hence outsourcing has made a important place for itself in the business sector.

Offshore Hiring – Full-time or Part-time?

Are you in need of a designer, developer, content writer, SEO specialist or a data entry operator? If yes then instead of hiring one in-house hire a remote employee with ICO.

Global Electronics and Telecom Systems Dominates 17 Keywords in 3 Months

Global Electronics and Telecom Systems, is an authorized Motorola walkie talkie dealer in Delhi, India. They deal in supplying two-way radios in the National Capital Region of Delhi.

Benefits of Building Links in SEO

Link building is not just important for search engine optimization. In fact building links has multiple benefits that can boost your online profits, yet often gets ignored.