SEO Content Writing 2018: What, Why and How!

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What is an SEO Content Writing?

We all get attracted if we see or read something that holds our interest. If something interesting is written in parts then we would like to read the complete article. And hereby gets linked to the website hosting that article.

In this manner, such content also inspires trust and conditions the mind of the surfer favorably towards whatever product or service your particular website offers.

In other words, when the content is good, it acts as a pathway to your website whereby you can attract and build steady and continuous traffic. Hence, search engine optimized content attracts traffic.

There is another angle to the visibility of your site and that is the search engine angle. The above is applicable to the human eyes and mind.

But what about the search engine?

Whenever someone seeks information on the internet, they type a few relevant words (known as keywords) in a search bar of a search engine (for example, Yahoo, Google, Bing, etc).

The search engine searches the Web for you and presents the pertinent websites on the computer screen indexed according to the relevance of the topic. The results are known as Search Engine Result Pages or SERPs.

How does the search engine “find” these websites?

Each search engine has spiders or robotic eyes that match the keywords typed in the search bar with the content on each website on the Net. In order for these robotic “eyes” to “see” your website, you need to make the keyword of your website highly visible.

This is done by adopting certain visibility strategies. Such as

  • placement of keywords on the website,
  • the ratio of the total number of keywords available on the website to the total number of words in the text,
  • applying keyword tagging rules, etc.

Hence, search engine optimized content helps in ranking with the search engines.

Why search engine optimized content is important?

The success of any Internet business depends upon many, many factors one among which is visibility and access to its proposed market segment.

Unless the proposed customer knows and sees your “shop” of “office” in the cyber world, your business is doomed. The question here is:

How to optimize that visibility and accessibility factors?

What can be done to make your presence felt online?

How do you assure that you get a steady stream of targeted visitors to your site?

Among the any techniques to attract good customers to your site, one of the best bet until now is through appropriate search engine optimized content.

The answer to this question seems quite obvious now.

Without search engine optimized content your website would be in the dark vis-à-vis both your proposed customers as well as the search engine.

In other words you would not exist for these two entities, which translates into
business suicide.

If you want to survive and achieve runaway success with your enterprise you need your content to act as a magnet for both prospective customers and search engines.

The more this attraction grows, the more your chances to succeed grow because owing to this high visibility you would get traffic to your website and from this traffic your sales.

How to write SEO Content?

Here are the dos and don’ts of writing SEO optimized content.


  • A thorough keyword research
  • Know your target audience and write the content in a way they understand well
  • USE LSI keywords in the content
  • Write SEO friendly titles for blog posts
  • Competitor Analysis for their target keywords
  • The URL of the post/page should be SEO friendly
  • The meta title and description should include the keyword in a natural manner
  • Write original and meaningful content
  • Use related internal and external linking in content
  • Try to make short sentences and short paragraphs.
  • Include the information in bullet points.
  • And, include images, videos and other engaging content.


  • Stuff your content with keywords.
  • Enhance the visibility of unrelated keywords.
  • Write duplicate page content.
  • Put text on the same color background. So as to hide from the users but make it visible to search engines.


To sum it up, search engine optimized content is your way to advertise your presence on the Web without which you would be absolutely invisible and inaccessible.

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