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Learn about some basic SEO FAQs

Yes SEO literally means Search Engine Optimization. But what does it do and how ICO helps the clients gain traffic, leads and increased conversions. This is what we will discuss in our SEO FAQs.

#1: What is SEO anyways?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a technique which helps businesses to be more visible in the organic search results page for the targeted search keyword.

#2: What is Organic SEO and Paid SEO?

Organic SEO involves the techniques used to get the business on the top search results for a keyword for FREE using Google’s algorithm.

While in Paid SEO the advertiser pays the search engine to display their “ad” on the top or the below. The positioning of the ad depends on the relevancy and bid.

#3: What are meta tags and why are they useful in SEO?

One of the most asked SEO FAQs is do we still need meta tags? The answer is yes.

Meta tags are the “title tags” and the “meta description” added to a page to define a title and a small description about that page. The meta tags are the first thing that a user sees when your website is displayed in the organic search results.

Meta tags are not only important for the search engine crawlers to know more about your page content. But also important to increase your conversion rate. By writing a compelling content you can convince the users to click and convert.

#4: Is it a good idea to include keywords in domain name?

If the domain name naturally has the keyword then it is fine. But if the sole reason is keyword optimization then beware it can in fact harm your SEO.

To explain further, if you company name is then its fine. But do not buy

#5: What number is the right number?

The exact number of keywords which should be used in a page cannot be said. It depends on the number of words on that page. But still the exact keyword phrase should be included at least two times in that page.

But it is also important to avoid “keyword stuffing”. Which means that the keyword should not be just placed abruptly in the content to increase search engine ranking. On the contrary keyword stuffing may result you in penalization.

Include the keywords in a natural manner and keep your users in mind while framing the content. A good content writer will find ample opportunities to include the keyword naturally.

#6: Are Internal and Inbound Links different?

This is one of the very confusing SEO FAQs. Yes these are different. But both internal linking and inbound linking are important for SEO.

Internal Links are the links from your own website.

Inbound links are the links from other websites pointing to your website.

#7: What is indexing and crawling?

The search engines goes through the content on your website when a user types in a query, this is called crawling.

And some part of the crawled information is selected by the search engine to be shown on them. This is called indexing.

#8: On-Page SEO or Off-Page SEO?

One of the most common SEO questions is; which is better between On-page and Off-page SEO.

While On-page SEO involves optimizing your website’s structure, pages and content as per your target keywords.

Off-page SEO requires you to have noteworthy inbound links from quality external websites.

If you are looking for the answer to which is more important between the two. Then the answer is: both. If your aim is to practice long term benefiting SEO then you start with on-page SEO and then continue with off-page SEO. Follow this best practice SEO to get more visibility and ranking in SERPs.

#9: Why do I need to gain backlinks?

SEO FAQs is incomplete without this question. Backlinking or Link Building is extremely important for SEO.

Backlinks or link building is important for SEO because…

…search engines like Google give more credit to websites with decent number of high quality backlinks. Search engines considers these websites more relevant than others in the SERPs.

#10: Is SSL certificate important for SEO rankings?

Yes. Definitely.

Read more about the importance of SSL and HTTPS.

#11: How long does it take to see SEO results?

Were you not waiting for this particular SEO FAQs? Well here is the answer to it.

There isn’t a particularly set frame of time. It depends on various factors which can include:

  1. The number of pages on your website
  2. The quality of content
  3. Site architecture
  4. High number of quality backlinks
  5. How your website connects with the users
  6. Is it search engine friendly and more

As an SEO company in Delhi India have delivered results in a day, a week, and for some clients it took close to a year also. The more number of pages your website has, more content can be crawled by the search engines. Which in turn helps in the search engine rankings.

If you are a start-up then the SEO practices will definitely need a minimum of six months to show results.

#12: Is hiring an SEO expert a good idea?

Yes it is a good idea. Whether you plan to hire an SEO expert externally or internally it will help your business in a profitable manner.

But you also need to be careful. Your website can even get penalized if the person you hired does not have updated knowledge about current SEO trends. Google has explained this further here.


#1: What kind of results should I expect from ICO’s SEO campaign?

With our services as an SEO company in India you can definitely expect a raise in your rankings, traffic and conversions.

Increased Rankings = Increased Traffic

Hence Increased Traffic = Increased Leads

Increased Leads = Increased Conversions

And Increased Conversions = Increased ROI

Finally Increased ROI = Increased Profit

#2: For how long will I have to continue SEO?

SEO is a constant process.

You cannot leave the SEO practices even if you reach your goal of top rankings.

The reason for this is that your competitors will constantly strive for that top position of yours and if you are not active that time then you will lose your position to your competitor.

You cannot rule the position you earned on search engines forever. As Search engines continually update their algorithms for better user experience.

#3: What is your SEO process for clients?

Our SEO process:

  1. Research – this is very important. We will take input from the client for any particular keyword they want to rank for. And research about the most searched keywords for the particular product or service.
  2. Competitor Analysis – we will analyze your competitors and make a relevant strategy to compete with them for search engine rankings.
  3. Site Architecture – if required we will organize your website’s structure to be more search friendly.
  4. Content Planning – we will optimize your content with best suited keywords.
  5. Link Authority – we will obtain high quality backlinks which is an important SEO ranking factor.

#4: Do you guarantee top position?

We guarantee results, but we never guarantee top position on the search engine.

A genuine SEO company never guarantees top position and if someone does, time to take a U-turn.

No one can guarantee the top position because it depends on the third party algorithm and committing anything on them will be FAKE.

#5: Is your team well updated with latest changes?

Definitely. Even though we have experienced SEO professionals but we regularly update with the changing SEO trends.

#6: What is the cost of your SEO service?

We have different plans depending on your ultimate goal and website structure. Our plans suit start-ups, mid-level organizations and enterprises too.

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We have tried to answer most of the standard questions about SEO. Contact us to get the answers to any more questions that we may have missed here.

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