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Off-Page SEO Optimization

The SEO process in a whole is a combination of On-page SEO and Off-page SEO. As a professional SEO company in practice for more than a decade we would insist on starting with on-page SEO and then moving forward to off-page SEO.

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Before diving into the details of off-page SEO optimization, let us first know the basic about off page seo.

Off-Page SEO: what is it?

Off-page SEO basically tells Google what others think about your site.

To illustrate more:

…if you have quality inbound links to your website, then search engines will be convinced of your site’s content quality.


Because if your site’s content is not unique then why would someone waste their time by linking to your website.

This can also be seen in brick-and-mortar business. Only the customers who love your product quality and price will refer and share a word of referral to others.

“Off-Page SEO” covers all the techniques done “away from your website” to increase the search engine rankings.

When On-page search engine optimization involves activities “on the site” off-page SEO involves practices “outside or off the site”.

However Off-page SEO is often associated with just link building.


It is much more than just linking.

In this post we will discuss the multiple off page SEO strategies as per 2017 to increase the SERPs.

Off-page SEO Guide

#1: Get Quality Backlinks

“Links are the web currency”

This is so true in the web world.

Without getting qualitative and authoritative backlinks to your website it is IMPOSSIBLE to secure a position on the first page of search results.

Backlinks are most important off-page SEO factor.


Search engines will have more confidence in your website if it is backed up by authoritative backlinks.

Generating inbound links with no value is of no good. It is rather suggested to remove these toxic backlinks as it may harm the overall ranking of your website.

You should create backlinks of high value by considering the below points as these are significant ranking factors accepted by Google:

  • High number of linking domains and pages – the number of linking domains to your site should be more as it’s an important ranking factor.
  • Quality of linking page – this must not be ignored. If the linking page has lower quality, inappropriate content and high number of ads. Then its better to skip it to prevent your website from a penalty.
  • Dofollow links – Google only focusses on dofollow links and not on nofollow links. Make sure you have high number of dofollow links.
  • Homepage links – the links from the homepage of a linking domain carries more value.
  • Relevant links – backlinks from relevant topic websites have more value for search engines in terms of ranking factor.

Before giving a value to a backlink search engine like Google asks questions like:

…where does the link comes from?

…quality of the link,

…how fresh the link is? And more like these.

How to get quality backlinks?

The biq question here is how to get such quality backlinks.

Don’t worry.

We have selected the most genuine way to gather the authoritative backlinks.

a) Guest Blogging

Yes it is the most appreciated way to get the quality backlinks from relevant website.


It is equally tiresome to get the backlink from guest blogging sites. You have to do a lot of research to find blogging sites from your niche that allow guest postings. Along with this there is the topic research and the wait to find out if your post is approved by the owner or not.

Having said that it is all worth it when you see the results.

b) Broken Link Building

This is a new and comparatively fast method of acquiring quality backlinks.

But what is broken link building?

“Broken link building is an effective link building strategy. It works by finding and reconstructing the broken links in your niche’s prospect blog. And helping them by bringing their attention to the broken link and replacing it with your website’s corrected link.”

So to earn these backlinks conduct a link analysis on your niche’s website and contact the owner to make them aware of the 404 link.


Request them to return the favor by adding your link on their website or by replacing the broken link with your link.

c) Share Infographics

Infographics are the new bomb.

They explode with huge attention, likes, shares and ultimately search engine rankings.

Create powerful and useful infographics and share them to acquire quality and authoritative backlinks.


Ideally a user responds more to visual content than plain text.

With the right promotion strategy infographics can go viral easily.

And when

People start sharing your infographics you crate organic traffic to your blog page.

You can create infographics from sites like or

#2: Social Media Engagement

This is a very important off page optimization technique.

But unfortunately,

…this is the most ignored one too.

Because the search engines do not crawl the social pages in the same manner they crawl your business website.

But this does not rule out the importance linked with social media management.

The number of shares and likes on the post on your company’s Facebook page signifies the liking among the relevant masses.

Importance of social media in off-page seo

And, Google considers these social signals as a significant ranking factor.

Here are the World’s Top social networking sites

#3: Create your YouTube Channel

Yes you read it right.

YouTube is the next largest search engine after Google of course. So isn’t it obvious the amount of traffic YouTube experiences is huge.

The links you get from the meta description of the videos in YouTube for related topics are organic and of high quality. Thus they influence the off-page SEO big time.

#4: Weekly Roundup Posts

What are Weekly Round-up posts?

Roundup-style blog posts are a single post that is actually a collection of posts that you’ve found that share a similar topic. You can either have written these posts yourself or found posts online that were written by others.

Link roundups is the finest technique to acquire other bloggers’ attention to notice your content.

Be careful about these points while promoting your content with round-ups.

  • Content is the king. It always was, it is and will always be. SO create compelling and interesting content which will interest the readers.
  • Form relationships with other bloggers.
  • Judge which post is the best and promote only that one among your fellow bloggers.

Boost your off-page SEO with this unique and smart technique of 2017.

#4: Don’t forget the Keywords while doing off page optimization

Yes you are thinking right.

Keywords are an integral part of on-page optimization.


Search engine ranking factors depend on targeted keyword search. What’s the point of sharing the content if the targeted keyword does not appear in the content?

No point right?

It is imperative for off-site optimization that you use main targeted keyword in the title and the LSI keywords in the content.

You can get the LSI keywords from

#5: Submit to directories and forums

One of the most successful Off-page SEO techniques is to submit your high quality content to directories and forums for better visibility and ranking.

You can submit your content to:

a) Blog directories

Submission to blog directories as an effective way to constantly build quality back links. Choose a quality directory and select the related category. It may take some time to publish your blog on that directory.


The results are long-term and highly beneficial to increase search engine rankings.

b) Article Submission

Gain high quality backlinks by submitting articles to high quality article submission directories.

You can benefit by adding a link to your website. Just make sure the content which you submit is original and of high quality.


Low quality content like the one over stuffed with keywords has higher chances of getting rejected.

It is also significant to add the article under correct category with a meaningful title.

c) Question and Answer

This is blacklinking in disguise.

Question and answer websites like,,,  and can help you get organic links.

Register and follow high PR question and answer sites. And search for questions particular to your niche and if possible answer them in a descriptive manner.


Mention your website’s link in a natural way to help generate more targeted traffic, visibility and also higher search engine ranking.

d) Video Submissions

There are many video submission sites which benefit you by linking back to your website.

Sites like,,,, and accept video submissions. You can make your video viral by submitting and promoting them.

Make a note:

Choose the right title and meta descriptions as this is where search engines will pick up keywords when a search query is raised.

e) Image Submissions

Some of the popular image sharing websites are:,,,, and

Share your images on such kind of high quality sites with a matching url and keyword oriented title tag.

Also do not forget

…to add an alt text or a small description about the image because search engines cannot read the images, but the text

f) Document sharing

Creative meaningful documents in pdf or ppt format and share them on popular document sharing website.


Slideshare, Issuu, Scribd, and Calameo.


In a nutshell Off-page SEO is not just about building links. It is a collective technique based on your website’s credibility, authority, social signals and many other factors.

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