Hire Dedicated Data Entry Resource India

Hire dedicated data entry resources for quality data output and control over the work.

Hire Dedicated Data Entry Resources in India for best quality and best price.

You can outsource the most tedious task of your business to us which is data entry and save more than half of the cost of doing it in house.

With over 10 years in the industry we have the most experienced data entry team in India. They are fast, accurate and are experienced in any type of data entry.

For your regular data entry work, we provide a complete data entry team in our office in New Delhi India at a fraction of a cost of what you spend if you get it done in house.

Our data entry services in India include a wide range for example, Data entry from hand written forms, data entry from images, data entry for mailing list, data entry into excel, data entry for products and many others.

We guarantee completion of any data entry project we take within the timeline.

Expertise of our dedicated data entry resources.

Products data entry into your ecommerce store

Most of the ecommerce platforms still do not provide bulk product data upload in to the online store database.

It is fine if you have a few products but what if you have thousands of products to be entered. We can help you to do it fast and accurately with our expert data entry services.

Accounting data entry work

Looking to get your accounting data structured in proper order or do you want your offline ledgers to be recorded in a software?

Hire dedicated data entry resources in our office based in India and get your accounting data placed in an order online or offline.

Manual data entry service

Our dedicated data entry team can convert any type of manual forms like survey forms, feedback forms etc into digital format or even get it into an excel or CSV.

Data entry for handwritten notes

We can convert your hand written documents into digital format such as

  • Legal documents
  • Letters
  • Questionnaires
  • Research notes
  • Medical prescriptions
  • Student’s data
  • Accounting sheets
  • Address records
  • Resumes

We guarantee 100% accuracy and on time delivery of any data entry project you outsource to us.

Data mining and data entry

We have data entry experts experienced with internet research and data mining. Then providing you the researched information in a digital format.

We are equipped with all the latest tools required for research and data mining.

Mailing list data compilation and entry

Our data entry team has experts of mailing list compilation who can provide you with the database of genuine and non duplicate email lists.

We compile mailing lists exactly as per your business requirement. For example on the basis of location, gender, age, occupation and many others.

Once we are done with compilation then our data entry experts finish the job by presenting it to you in an easy to use digital format.

Data Processing

We have trained back office experts to process the data and capture the right information from the right source without losing or damaging any data.

Our data processing outsourcing services include purchase order management, data verification, document formatting and forms processing.

Data Conversion

Our trained and experienced data conversion experts can convert your unorganized and hard to access data into a simple and structured format.

Our data conversion outsourcing services cover; HTML conversion, XML conversion, ebook conversion, PDF conversion, ICO, OCR, OMR and media formats.

Data Mining

We perform the process the data analysis or data mining after careful research and with exceptional skills.

This way the data that is extracted is helpful to our clients in studying the current and future market trends and ways to build up their revenue.

Don’t burden yourself with additional in house staff

Let us help

Hire dedicate data entry operators to handle your non-core but crucial work at 50% of hiring and managing cost.

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Clients Speak

It worth hiring ICO WebTech for our data mining work. Not a single chance to complain. We highly recommend ICO WebTech.

Chris Bevan

hire dedicated data entry staff in India

Get rid of managing a data entry team in house.

Concentrate on your core projects while we take care of all your data entry, data mining and data processing tasks

Experience and qualification of our data entry resources

MS Excel Experts

MS Access Experts

Compilation and Analysis Experts

Research Experts

Minimum 3 years of experience

Minimum 3 years of certification

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