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Hire dedicated PPC experts for high traffic, more leads and more sales through your website.

Benefits of hiring dedicated PPC experts in India with ICO WebTech Private Limited.

Save 50%

You save almost 50% of your cost of hiring in house


You get team of experienced & skilled professionals


You get your remote employee available as per your time zone


You get local phone number, chat applications, emails for communication.

Full Control

Full control over employee like you hire a resource in-house


You can hire a remote employee both full time and part time

Hire Dedicated PPC Experts in India and save more than 50% of your cost

PPC is the most important aspect of your overall digital marketing campaign and should be handled by experienced and dedicated PPC experts.

If done correctly PPC can drastically increase your website traffic and sales overnight. You need to be careful about hiring a PPC Expert in India or anywhere.

We provide effective PPC campaigns and drive traffic to your website through Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

We have over 7 years of experience in PPC outsourcing services and have the ability to track your ROI to the smallest unit.

With our PPC service you get analytics reporting and a dedicated PPC manager.

You can hire dedicated dedicated PPC experts for the following

Google AdWords Management Services

All our dedicated Google AdWords Experts and Google AdWords certified. Our PPC campaign managers ensure that your AdWords campaign is fully optimized to appear in Google paid ads above your competition.

We always keep you posted with our detailed ROI tracking reports.

Bing Ads Management Services

Despite Google being on top for PPC marketing but you cannot just ignore Bing. People are not aware that Bing search engine is still popular in many parts of the world and still can drive a lot of traffic to your website.

Our Bing PPC experts in India can make you reap the benefits of Bing PPC which is most of the times ignored by online marketing companies.

Facebook Ads Management Services

When it comes to online marketing you cannot afford to ignore social networks especially Facebook as its market share for online ads spending is more than 18% and is still rising.

Our Facebook PPC Experts will set up your ads campaigns for exact target audience and optimize it for maximum cost per lead profitability.

Instagram Ads Management Services

Instagram ads are not expensive and are trending these days. Running PPC advertisements on Instagram will boost your website traffic more as the number of users on Instagram are increasing exponentially.

We will set up Instagram ads campaign for you, targeted towards your audience. Being a professional Instagram advertising company we are experienced in Image Ads, Video ads and Carousel Ads.

Twitter Ads Management Services

Apart from setting up and manage ads on Twitter for your target audience, we can also help you in the promotions of your business events and response campaigns.

Our Twitter advertising experts are trained and certified in PPC management and are skilled in creating both visual and text ads as per your business goals.

LinkedIn Ads Management Services

LinkedIn is the most effective social platform for B2B Marketing. A genuine LinkedIn ads management company will land you among the correct LinkedIn users who are from your target industry.

We will monetize your LinkedIn Ads campaign and optimize it to target users on the basis of job profile, skills, company size, industry, age, gender and experience

Concentrate more on lead conversion and increase your sales.

Let us help

Get the calculated placement of yours ads for maximum clicks and lead generations.

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Clients Speak

I have to say that working with your company has been extremely easy for me. I was somewhat reluctant to work with you initially, however, I am glad that we made the decision to give this a try. You and your developers are extremely professional.

Larry Simmons
Owner, BFS Websites, USA

Don’t loose out on all the $$ you can save. We never let you down.

A brief  resume of our PPC experts in India

Innovation and creativity

Data Driven

Web analytics experts

Remarketing experts

Minimum 3 years of experience

Minimum 3 years of certification

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How can PPC help your business grow?

Effectively there are numerous opportunities to benefit your business by increasing your brand awareness amongst the target audience. And also the growth of your business increases by opting for PPC advertising.

What is PPC Advertising?

PPC Advertising is a part of Digital Marketing. Here the advertiser creates an ad to be advertised on search engines. And each time a user clicks on that ad, the advertiser has to pay some amount to the Search Engine.

India reigns the Offshore Outsourcing Industry

India is the leading country for offshore outsourcing. The offshore outsourcing industry started in India and it has been able to grow the IT and BPO export sector to $47 billion and capture more than half the offshore outsourcing industry.

How will Outsourcing help your business?

The understanding of the word “Outsourcing” has gained depths within the last few decades. Initially, Outsourcing simply meant to hire a third party resource without paying a lump sum and get the work done with no compromise on quality.