Benefits of Building Links in SEO


Importance of Building Links in SEO

Link building is not just important for search engine optimization. In fact building links has multiple benefits that can boost your online profits, yet often gets ignored.

It can be tedious but if you take the time to worn on this you will enjoy many benefits.

Here are some tips for so that you can maximize your return on investment from all those lovely links you’re able to attract.

Enhance your search engine rankings by building links

About 7% of consumer sales are online and approx 89% of offline purchases are done by online research.

Search engines are the heart of the online commerce. Which means search engine success can bring spectacular rewards. And inbound links to your site are the most important factor determining the position of your site’s pages on search engine results pages (SERPs).

It used to be quite easy to achieve search engine success with low quality links. But Google now actively looks for low quality links and content and might penalize the sites it finds.

Increase direct / indirect visitors to your site

By submitting good quality links the chances of heavy traffic increases on your site. Your links when placed on quality sites will also bring you significant traffic.

To illustrate my point…

…if your manufacture computer hardware and you get a link from a popular blog or someone reads an authoritative article about your company.

Then you’re going to find that a ton of people will click through to arrive on your site – and you should be ready for them.

Ascertains you as a chief

No matter which market you’re in, there’s an informal community of websites that your potential customers will use.

That community will be made up of news sites, blogs, magazines, portals, experts, commentators, forums, discussion groups and much more.

Your potential customers will visit many of these sites as they research the best products to buy and the best companies to do business with. If they regularly see links to your site, they’ll think of you as a leader in your market.

So do thorough link analysis of your market and identify as many niches as you can.

Quality links attract more quality links

For a new site, links are initially hard to get.

You have to work hard to get early successes and build momentum. But eventually you start building links without even asking for them.

Once you’re seen as a market leader other sites will want to write about you, comment on your products and link to you.

If your site already has good links, they’ll come across your name several times which increases the likelihood that they’ll contact you. Once they contact you and write about you then not only do you get the editorial, but other bloggers and journalists will also write about you and link to you.

You’ll experience a cascade effect – where a link from a really good source gives people from other sources to write about you as well.

Quality links live long

Unlike advertising, quality links often stay in place, continuing to bring you traffic, sales and influence for many years.

Google and other search engines look at the age of a link and the pattern of acquired links over time. So the value of your inbound links is cumulative.

Links that you acquired years ago continue to influence your rankings and still bring you direct visits.

Quality links connect you with people

Remember its people, not websites that give you links.

If someone has taken the time to link to you then they see value in what you do. Behind every link is a person with whom you can build a stronger relationship.

Get to know the people behind the sites that link to you, strengthen your personal networks and increase your chances of success.

If you’re the one that recognizes all these benefits and goes the extra steps to create relationships. Then you link building, and your business are sure to prosper.


Building links is extremely significant for SEO. And is rated among the best off-page SEO practices to increase the search engine rankings.

By building links which are qualitative and authoritative you can fix a place in the first page of the SERPs.

It is advisable to take the help from a professional Link Building company to maximize the results.

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