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Mantra for Content Marketing

“Selling, Educating, Increasing”, should be the mantra while writing the content for your website; if you aim for Content Marketing through your website.

Always remember the fact that the content which you draft for your website should be crafted with the intention of selling, educating, and increasing the customer constancy.

If we go by the definition then the term “Content Marketing” describes marketing by attracting prospective customers with content that interests them.

However, ideal would be if all the content written has that goal irrespective of the one written considering the “content marketing” project.

The most common marketing materials considered universally in regards to content are blogging, eBooks, and webinars. On the same hand content like FAQs, Docs, Press Releases, Welcome messages etc are equally important and are sometimes mistaken with “Content that does no marketing.”

The internet these days is stuffed with plethora of content websites allowing anyone to write just about anything. Watch out before you seize on any undemanding content creation accounts and remember that your aim is to do marketing and not just cluttering words together.

Here are the three most important tips for marketing via content.

  • Read the Mind: Start with search. As per the facts, there are almost 15.9 billion searches that run every month and a small percentage of customers of this look for you and your competitors. Discover your market opportunity by identifying how many searches, keywords and keyword phrases relate with your work.
  • Bulls Eye: Target the content you’ll create. The content on your website requires to be targeted to sectors that are in line with your brand. Creating sufficient demand for your content will make content marketing worthwhile.
  • Running around the bush: Create the content. It’s time to consume your marketing staff to create appealing content about a product or service. Don’t just dump your press releases into blog post form, instead use the keywords and phrases you discovered in Tip #1 and build content around those keywords and phrases so that consumers can find you more easily.

Wake up Alarm

Do you think that your website content is not as per marketing standards? Now, you can improve the written content, and to help you are the three thumb rules…

  1. The Eye Catchers: the main course of any content is its headings, rather the paragraphs. Avoid the lazy stuff like “Introduction” or “Background”. Find other ways of gluing your customers.
  2. Pictures speak louder than words: when you see a magazine what do you look at first? The pictures right! Same goes well for website content as images are viewed before words, so make them very interesting and relating to the content.
  3. Keep it short: we all are really busy, that’s why writing long paragraphs can be tiresome and boring to read through. To engage a reader keep your paragraphs short and punchy, as once the users get slow, you’ve lost them.

Don’t ignore videos and seminars

When you record a screen cast it should focus on three options; Tell, Show and Teach your customers about it.

The customer centric seminars should spotlight on education. Give your customers a quick tour of the application to glue them and be affirmative that everyone is on the same page. Alongside, it’s important to teach them bigger ideas.

Likewise, Project management seminars center of attraction should be “running profitable projects” rather than “how to post a message”. The email campaign tool should focus on “writing emails that convert” rather than how to customize a template.

Nevertheless, boring seminars are a waste of everyone’s time.

Content Marketing is a Give and Take event.

As they say; as you sow, so shall you reap. So, if you invest good time and talent to the content on your website, expect good returns. The profit is directly proportional to the quality of content.

The quality of your question defines the quality of your response. You get what you ask for.

“Yes”, “It’s fine”, “It’s okay”, “Not really” are not the kind of ideal answers for you to improve your content by getting the feedback.

Frame better questions which give valuable feedback and suggestions in disguise. Ask more crude questions like; “Why did you visit our screen today?”, and you will get a better insight into what drives your customers.

The ace marketer – CONTENT

None of us appreciates dreadful stuff which inclines directly towards the fact that bad content disappoints the current customers and turns prospects away. Middle-of-the-road content ensures no-one ever listens to anything you say.

Good content is revolution. A simple feature launch can get the entire web engaging in it. A product seminar can spin into a sellout lecture series. An employee handbook can turn into the best recruitment tool ever seen.

As rightly said by Maya Angelou

“Word means more than what is set down on paper“. Make them count.

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