How to build brand by Video Marketing?

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New Age Marketing Strategy has to have Video marketing.

Planning for a marketing strategy? Hope Video Marketing is a part of it because a marketing strategy is incomplete without it. Video marketing is very much in and the most famous video site is You Tube. YouTube witnesses hundreds of millions of visitors every month because visitors enjoy watching videos.

In this article we have explained the tips and myths associated with Video Marketing.

With videos you can promote your content in a different way. Marketing through videos can be done by (i) creating tutorials, (ii) create your own videos and get introduced to your customers. By doing this you can influence your content and reap more from it without creating lot of new content.

5 Tips to get started with Video Marketing:

First Impression: to create a good first impression on your visitors create an impressive profile to connect better with your audience. Integrity is the most important ingredient of any online marketing, because potential customers won’t buy from you without building a bridge of trust. As an effective marketer, give your visitors a good reason to subscribe to your YouTube channel.

Keyword Tool: just like web online marketing, keywords frame an important base for video marketing as well. When visitors will search for a video, then video search engine will search for respective keywords. Youtube keyword tool or Google Adwords keyword tool can help you in your research to find keywords. Once you have the keywords with you, include them in your title, video description, and tags.

Aesthetic Creation: make sure that the video which you create is clear of its message yet very appealing. You can take help from many free tools on the internet to create your video. Outsourcing to someone is another option to get your video created from someone else; this would not cost you much.

Comment & Connect: posting comments on the videos can help you to connect with others on the site you are marketing on. Commenting can be a great way to introduce and share your expertise. Sharing your expertise can be a great marketing tool as it will inspire others to visit your profile to know more. You can also include Call to Action while commenting to encourage others to visit your profile and watch your video.

Action Reaction: the moment you reply to your video, you add your video as a response to a video someone else has created. This works magic if you find a related video of your domain with lots of traffic. Other visitors will visit your content out of curiosity, and you can take advantage of this to get more subscribers to your page.

Video sites can be of great help to create effective video marketing campaigns by channelizing your content. Utilize video marketing properly and it will become traffic machines for your business and will drive traffic to your site 24/7.

Misconceptions about Video Marketing.

Myth: The length of a good video should be under 3 minutes

According to some research findings, it is believed that 2 minutes 53 seconds is the average time a viewer watches the video. Based on this many marketers have fixed the time length of 2min 53 sec as ideal length of a video.

This is fiction.

The research actually proves that this is the average time length a video makers are able to build a viewer’s interest. There isn’t any ideal length of a video. For the video to be successful for marketing it should be entertaining and for this you can use humor, beauty, and emotions. Just do not be boring.

Myth: Video marketing’s sole purpose is lead generation.

We would all agree with the fact that videos are a powerful marketing tool to educate a customer quickly and efficiently. Out of many purposes, lead generation is just a part of the purpose of this tool. With videos you can; develop clarity of your product, add credibility to your company, create brand loyalty, close a single customer.

To only consider lead generation with Video program is a loss of opportunity.

Myth: Costly video is an effective video.

As a matter of fact, there is no relation between the cost of a video and its effectiveness. You can spend a ton of money to make a video but without an emotional impact it is useless. Content makes a great deal. Emphasize on creating an imperative content and use powerful images to connect with the viewers.

Myth: Video on a website helps in SEO.

This was true at the start of YouTube but today videos are everywhere. Posting a video on your website will not increase your rankings. Make effective videos to get better rankings. Build a long term assorted video campaign that is interesting and relevant.

Myth:  Viral video not feasible.

Going viral is not desirable always. Even if a video goes viral it is not necessary that the right audience will see it. To develop value from a viral video ties the shock aspect to the value proposition of your company. Using humor to your video can increase the chances of spreading it to right audiences.

Videos should be an integrated part of your overall sales and marketing program. A great video marketing program will take committed time and resources to drive customers. It may not be easy but it’s well worth the effort.

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