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What Are Cryptocurrency And Token Sale Websites?

Cryptocurrency is a non-regulatory digital currency which acts as a medium of exchange of assets and is secured by cryptography.

Initial Coin Offering (ICO) (aka Token Sale) is an unregulated means of raising surplus funds for businesses just starting up, in particular. These business start-ups which are looking for funding generate new digital coins (also known as tokens) and raise funds by exchanging them for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

It is observed in most situations that owners of an ICO present some sort of bonus to the buyers of their tokens. This can be in the form of an additional percentage of token bonus or any other such offer.

But to make the buyers aware of a new ICO launch the owners must have a robust ICO marketing plan in place. A creative ICO landing page and a targeted ICO marketing together will shoot up your token sales.

The ICO launch for any project happens before the completion of the project itself. Therefore all the token buyers of the ICO act as investors for the project.

Moreover companies have managed to raise millions of dollars with the successful launch of their ICO.

Our website design experts thrive to design and develop the ideal website for your new cryptocurrency or token sale ICO. Which will reflects the benefits of your project in the best possible way.

Website For The Cryptocurrency ICO Which Rocks

With a decent experience in ICO website development we can surely say that getting  website up and running for an ICO is a complex task and requires a lot of careful considerations.

Unfortunately most of the website design companies who claim to work on building cryptocurrency website design do not even know what an ICO or token sale is.

The development phase of a typical ICO website is categorized in three phases; PRE ICO, ICO and POST ICO.

Our ICO Website Developers work on all the three stages in a step-by-step manner. And they keep updating the website with the required functionality and features. Henceforth showing the various changes during the three stages of the ICO.

Apart from the functionality the website design of the token sale websites we make are unique and attractive. This works positive for our clients to attract new potential buyers of their cryptocurrency.

Various pages on the website explain the project aesthetically giving the visitors in depth knowledge of the benefits of the project and converting them into potential buyers.

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Our ICO website builder will help you design your strategy for the ICO website or ICO landing page from scratch. This will include Coming soon counter webpage before the launch of the ICO website. If you are planning for the online marketing of your ICO website, then we’ve got that covered too.
This is because we provide end to end services for new cryptocurrency website; from planning to website development to marketing.


We create the website for your ICO which actually works towards building your community and attracts Ventured Capitalists and the B2B Segment. Our Website Design for ICO helps you raise funds and helps you reach the ultimate goal of ICO. We make the website show how your solutions will help your clients and leave them impressed.


With Over 10 Years of experience as an online marketing company, we know how to impress investors, attract visitors to the website and make search engines love you. Our team of marketers will plan the strategy unique to your new cryptocurrency website and will take your website to the highest level of Blockchain marketing. We deliver high converting website for your new cryptocurrency combined with unique marketing strategy.

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ICO Website Design for three stages of an ICO

What should be included in the website design for ICO?

Just like every idea behind a token sale website is unique, so should be the website that comes along with it. We totally believe in this concept.

Ideally a website for cryptocurrency or ICO should be a reflection of the idea behind the project. The ICO website developer should be be able to place the design elements such that when a user lands on the site he connects to the idea and understands it in the very first glance. Along with this he should be intrigued to find out more about the project.

It is very important that the ICO website designer should be smart to give the design an aesthetic appeal. Also, he should place the concept of the project bright and bold to give the visitor a prompt and prominent idea about the project.

As a one of the top ICO website design firms we provide a perfect blend of design and functionality for every ICO project we commit to.


In the PRE-ICO phase a perfect landing page design is what is needed to get the visitors intrigued and hooked on to the project details. It should be designed such that it displays the key essentials of the project in a very clear and prominent manner.

The PRE ICO website design is all about informing the visitors about the scope of your  project. Therefore it is recommended to do it in the best possible way. As to get the visitors to buy the cryptocurrencies from your ICO website the first step to convince them will be through this landing page.

Our website design team can add detailings to your ICO landing page design to make it more attractive and user friendly.

The ICO Landing Page we design clearly awares the visitors of the start and end date and time of the ICO project. Further it also mentions the time frame when the token sale will get over.

A landing page is incomplete without giving a direction to the visitors for the next step. The Call to Action, CTA buttons placed in the most perfect position directs the investors to take the next step towards pre-ICO signup offers.

To let the visitors have more information about your project it is a good idea for the ICO website owners to include a section for documents like whitepaper and presentations. It helps the investors to gain a better insight about the project.

Complete overview of the project with proper description so that investors gain the confidence on the project and become more comfortable with your initiative and have no doubt in investing in your project.


During the ICO launch phase the landing page from the pre-ICO phase can now be extended to display the amount raised by the sale of tokens.

The Call to actions should now be modified to ask the investors to contribute for the project by joining the cryptocurrency platform.


This is the time when the website should disclose that the token sale is over. The counter on the landing page should clearly display that.

All the three stages for website design for ICO and cryptocurrency are equally important and help to gain the trust of the investors for the project.

We keep the interests of the owners and investors both when we design the website for cryptocurrency.

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