Google AdWords Management Essentials


Google AdWords Management is much more than just selecting a set of keywords, fixing a budget and boom with your credit card info. Great! But this might be good for Google, not for you. You will also loose your hardearned money to your competitors.

Ideal Google AdWords campaign should be focused on driving quality traffic to your website landing pages. If you want to achieve this then you must have proper systems in place before you even think of putting in your money in Google AdWords or any other PPC campaign.

As a leading Google AdWords Management company in Delhi, NCR, India, we often get mismanaged AdWords campaigns which are setup without any analysis or research. By the time people realize this they have lost a lot of money.

Lets first understand few things about Google AdWords

What do Google Adwords do?

Google AdWords is an advertising platform from our very own Google where advertisers have to bid on keywords they choose so that their ads appear in Google’s search results. When users click on these ads then you have to pay Google for those clicks.

Simple, Right?

No it is not. You need to be very very careful right from selecting keywords and setting up the complete AdWords campaign.

What is optimization in Google AdWords?

This is the tricky part. Selecting keywords and setting up the campaign is not enough if you do not want your money go waste. Optimizing the Google AdWords Campaigns is the most complex part of managing it.

For example, your ad content should be relevant to the keywords you have bid.

In our 10 years of experience as a Google AdWords Management Service provider company we have developed our bang on strategy to optimize the Google AdWords Campaigns.

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Are Google Ads Worth Money?

Google AdWords is a CPC (Cost Per Click Advertising) or PPC(Pay Per Click Advertising) where you pay Google if someone clicks your ad.

Now the catch is you have to pay Google even if the user who clicked your ad then landed on your website but you didn’t get a sale.

That may sound scary.

But if your landing pages are good enough on your website to capture leads coming from Google and molding visitors to sales then you need not worry.

So, generating revenue from Google AdWords campaign is more than just setting up a nice campaign and optimizing it. You should have enough tools on your website landing pages to convert those leads into sales.

Learn more about how Google AdWords or PPC can help your business.

It is always good to hire a professional PPC management company which has proven results but still if you want to do it yourself then it is of utmost importance that you keep these Google AdWords essentials in mind right when you think of starting your own AdWords campaign.

Google AdWords Management Essentials

#1. How Google Displays Your Ads

There are a number of factors which Google takes into account in order to display your ads. Daily Budget, Cost Per Click(CPC), maximum CPC of your competitors and many more. Quality Score is another major factor in how Google shows your ad.

Quality score depends on the relevance of the keyword in the ad group, the CTR (Click Through rate). Your CPC is multiplied by your maximum bid to determine the rank of your ad in the process of Auction.

#2. Never Send All Visitors to Home Page of Your Website

Your website’s home page includes everything about all your services with a little bit of other information etc. However, in Google AdWords users search for specific service of product or information.

If you send all your visitors to your homepage they may leave your website if they cannot find exactly what they are looking for. It is always good to create specific landing pages which are unique. This way users will land on the page which has relevant information and increase the chances of a sale or sign up.

Landing pages are extremely important for Google and the “Landing Page Experience” is also included in the Quality Score rating.

#3. Totally Avoid Long and Generic Keywords

Bidding for long generic keywords is always expensive. With increase awareness internet users do not use very long search terms when they look for something on Google. If you choose long generic keywords the traffic you get on your landing pages may not be good.

The overall ROI may get down. You need to bid on your keywords wisely if you want your Google AdWords campaign to work for you.

#4. Right Distribution of Keywords into Ad Groups

It is extremely important to have keywords well distributed within the ad content. Since the keywords are most relevant to the search terms, they make your ad relevant to the user’s search queries.

Organizing keywords well increases the CTR which is the main objective of your AdWords campaign. Higher the CTR, hire the Quality score which lowers the click cost of your ad and benefits the ROI.

#5. Match Type Settings

Specifying match type for every keyword is very important. It determines when and how Google will show your ad.

If the match type is not specified in match type settings then Google will specify the default Broad Match which never works for your AdWords campaign.

#6. Negative Keywords Are Important Too

Negative keywords are those which prevent your ad being triggered when they are used in some search terms or queries.

The role of negative keywords is not to display your ads when the audience is not interested. These can be added at a campaign or the ad group level. The main benefits of negative keywords are:

  • The irrelevant traffic is excluded.
  • It helps in reducing the average CPC.
  • It improves the overall CTR.

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#7. Keep Your Budget Exclusively For Search

By default Google sets your campaign for both search and display ads. It is important to opt out manually from displaying your ads on Google’s Display Network.

This will help you to use your entire budget only for search terms which are more specific for users search queries. It is also recommended to create separate ad campaigns for mobile users.

#8. Importance of Free Conversion Tracking

To keep a check on your spending you need to use conversion tracking. Otherwise you will never come to know where all your money went. In a blink of an eye you may spend all your monthly budget without any conversions.

It is not at all good for your Adwords campaign. To get better insights always use Google’s Conversion tracking. It is free from Google.

#9. Test All Versions of Your Ads

Initially when you set up the Adwords Campaign you really don’t know which ad will perform the most and will attract the audience. You should check different versions of your ads with different content.

For the first week you should run at least 3 to 4 tests for each ad groups. So keep the best performing ads and delete the useless once. This part of optimizing your overall campaign.

#10. Drop Under-performing Keywords

There are certain keywords which produce more clicks than conversions. They may look important when you see the clicks produced by them. But slowly they will consume all your budget without producing any conversions.

You should keep checking for such keywords and keep deleting them and replacing them with better ones.

#11. Utilize Ad Extensions

Now Google provides you to put more than 90 characters for your overall text in your ad. You need to know about these Ad Extensions to make the most of it.

With the help of these ad extensions you can even showcase your products, provide locations and even put additional links with your actual ad.

#12. Link Your Google Adwords to Google Analytics Account

It is good to connect your AdWords account to google analytics account. By doing so you can view the performance of your AdWords campaign right from your Google analytics dashboard along with other traffic on your website.

You cannot afford to miss any of these Google AdWords Management Essentials in order to run and manage a successful Google AdWords campaign.

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