What to consider when hiring a SEO firm?


As discussed in earlier posts, the first thing is to set the goals right, next is to avoid the common mistakes and then the final step is to make a checklist and match it with the SEO firm your are considering to hire. It is safe and convenient to shortlist atleast 4–5 firms specializing in internet marketing and then move ahead.

The main mantra is to ask a lot of related questions to your to be SEO firm and look for satisfactory and genuine answers, We can help you with this.

Ask these questions before hiring a SEO firm

Details Please.

Start by asking how many years of experience does the firm has. Followed by, locations, Est. Date, is SEO their main line of business, and when was the firm registered. You must be well aware of this information before starting for a bond.

Ask for Proofs.

Anyone can raise there hands if called out for “SEO firms?”. You have to judge who’s genuine and who’s not. The only way you can do this is by asking them them trick questions. Like, “On what basis does Google rank a company and how do you as a SEO firm influence them.” Or, “How have you helped companies generate revenue through SEO?”. Or, “Can you share some success stories?” Don’t settle. Get satisfactory and clear answers for these questions.

White Hat or Black Hat?

Fake SEO companies are well aware of the fact that Black Hat SEO practices will yield results quickly and they convince their clients using this deal. Yes, you will see the results very quickly, but soon they will disappear from the search results as Google penalizes such websites. Make sure the firm you are planning to hire works using White Hat techniques. Study basics about these techniques so that no one can fool you. Also, ask for monthly reports for your website to track the work and the method used.

Just SEO or Digital Marketing?

Ask them to elaborate what all will they cover in your package. SEO does not necessarily only include SEO. It should be done in collaboration with other Internet Marketing practices, which may include Social Media Marketing, PPC, Adwords, Link Building and many more. SEO alone will not help you in the desired way, complete Digital Marketing plan is what you need.


Finally, the results. Confirm the exact gains of the campaign with them. Ask them for monthly reports showing the beginning structure, turning point, specific purpose and progress of the campaign.

Earn benefits from a Rightful SEO firm

Hire a SEO firm that has a complete plan for your online presence. The ultimate gain of paying someone is to see results (revenue generation through new sales). Just remember that healthy SEO is a slow and ongoing process which generally takes a couple of months to show first set of results.

However, a trusty SEO company can help you with the kind of results you want, all .you have to do is choose smartly.