Planning for SEO? Identify your goals first.


Planning to hire a SEO professional or a company? Before that set your goals right.

The most important of all while hiring a SEO expert firm or individual, is to identify your Goals from them, that means to be clear about what exactly you want out of the process. Next very important point is to keep a realistic expectation and to be aware of the fact that No One can guarantee you 100% results. If one (company or a professional) is desperately approaching you and guaranteeing you the top position in the top page, time to put them in the “spammer” list.

We have further simplified the process for you and segregated a list of Positive Goals and Negative Goals for SEO hiring. Match them with your list before approaching a Search Engine Optimization specialist.

Positive goals:

  • Targeted Traffic. If you desire to be seen ahead in a particular group which is very frequently researched on the web wide world, then SEO is definitely going to help you. For eg. If you are a Web Design company and your target is to deliver services in a particular Region or Area, then my friend waste no time to hire a Search Engine Optimisation professional.
  • Revenue boost.If you are trying to boost the revenue by generating new leads and hot sales, then S.E.O. is just right for you. With right professional you can definitely expect business through Internet.
  • Uplift Special Services or Features. If you wish to magnify the reach of a special and unique service or feature of your business then SEO will help you. As an example, if you are trying to increase the reach of your “free trials”of a new launched service then marketing about it online will surely help.
  • If you are trying to change a false rapport of your product or service online then SEO is for you. Like, someone (a competitor or a jealous ex-employee) posted a negative review of your product and it shows on top every-time someone searched for it then you definitely need to work on bringing the positive ones on top, right? You can achieve it by healthy digital marketing practices.

Negative goals:

  • Random Traffic. If you only want traffic, traffic and just traffic, then don’t indulge in SEO practices. Targeted traffic are goals (positive ones), but wanting just random traffic is being ignorant. A well directed traffic can help raise revenue for your firm but a random traffic is just useless.
  • Nothing but Rankings. Mostly, when you ask companies (seeking for internet marketing experts) “What do you aim for with SEO?”, they will relpy, “We want rank no. 1”. To be among the top is not bad, to be on the top without any objective is substandard. Businesses considering to hire SEO firm of professional must not have this on their Goals checklist.
  • Compete globally not personally. If you are targeting to beat just a particular rival of yours, then drop the plan of hiring an expert of S.E.O. This is definitely a bad goal. Think globally, compete globally, to achieve higher revenue. To beat personal rivals you don’t need SEO experts, right?
  • Number game. If you aim for numbers only ( domain authority, Google pagerank) then you have a negative goal on your list. Uncheck it right now. Ultimately the only numbers which matter are the “Revenue” numbers. So place your bet on them with SEO, not on the unfruitful ones.

Now that you have your Goals sorted, it’s time to meet a SEO expert with clear and achievable targets. We can help you set up a customized SEO plan matching your requirement.

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