Landing Page or Squeeze Page. Which one should you use?

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Understanding Landing Page, Squeeze Page and Home Page

Terms like landing pages, home page or squeeze pages often leave non technical people confused. These are website design industry specific terms so it is normal if you are not aware of the difference between these three.

To my amusement I came to know that many website designers or developers are not able to differentiate between these three types of pages.

Even the experts in online marketing companies are not able to understand the difference between the home page, landing page  and squeeze page.

Where do visitors land on your website?

As assumed by many web designing experts that visitors land only on homepage but that is not the case always. A visitor may land on any of your services pages or product pages or home page depending upon the search query they type in Google search.

It is not necessary that the search engines may always show homepages of websites in their search results.

Basic difference between a home page and a landing page.

A home page is the first page of your website. It appears when the visitors type your website url in a web browser.

By typing the URL directly in web browsers, visitors always land on home page of the website.

Visitors may also land on your homepage by typing a query in search engine but it depends if there is a relevant content present in your website’s home page and in the meta title and description.

On the other hand…

…a landing page is the first page of your website where visitors land if your website appears in the search results.

It could be the homepage or any other page on your website.

For example while running a Google Adwords campaign you decide where the potential customer should land if he clicks on your ad.

So a home page could be a landing page but it is not necessary that a landing page is always a homepage.

Importance of good landing pages

As compared to home page of a website, the landing pages are more focused on a specific product or service. So it is extremely important to have a robust landing pages design in your website.

Since the visitors may anytime land on the landing pages so they must be well structured and designed with

  • call to actions
  • sign up forms
  • internal links
  • share buttons
  • feedback forms

to provide good visitors engagement to make sure visitors do not leave instantly.

The goal of a landing page should be making a visitor become a customer. Which means visitors should not leave the website without signing up for the service our buy your product.

Well design landing pages help in decreasing the bounce rate for a website and act as a sales rep for your company.

How does a squeeze page differ from a landing page?

It happens sometimes that you do not want any of your website information to get visible to your website visitors until they fill up a small form.

Here come the Squeeze pages into picture.

A squeeze is a landing page which gets the website visitor to take only one action. If he is not willing to take that action then the only other option is to leave the website.

For example:

Some websites provide a free e-book or a video or a webinar but before that they want users to fill a short form. They cannot get to the free stuff without taking the action of filling the short form.

So Squeeze page is used when you want to squeeze some information out of website visitors.

Which one is better to use?


One thing is clear that the home page of your website can never be a good landing page because it has a bit of everything and it is not at all specific.

But that doesn’t means that homepage is not important. It is the face of your website so you should ask your website designers or the website design company you have hired to make it as interactive as any other landing page of your website.

Squeeze page or a landing page?

Both these pages solve different purposes and both these pages should be used wisely if you want to boost your sales through your website.

It also depends where the visitors are coming from to your website and what they are looking for.

Do they want to buy something or looking for information for a specific problem.

To conclude:

A Squeeze page should be used where you want your website visitor to take a specific action before they can access any information or links on your website.

A landing page should be used when you want your website visitors to buy something or sign up for your services through your website.

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