Why is Local Search Ranking Important for Businesses and Professionals?


What exactly is Local Search?

When users type in a query like “Italian Restaurants Delhi” then Search Engines like Google crawls through the web pages and displays the results which match the most to the local query. This happens because search engines now assigns an important portion of their results page to local listings. These results to a “Local” search query i.e. search in a particular area or a region is a “Local Search”.

Moreover it has been noticed that the local listings are placed above the organic or free listings in the search results page.

This is very important for professionals and businesses who are trying to achieve genuine and fast results in an easy and cheap way.

Power of Local Search

The most considerable power of Local Search is, more  conversions for comparatively less traffic.

Isn’t it exciting to know this? Let us know more about it.

Have you noticed a pack or a box of results which appears on the first page of a search query? Yes? That is a Local Pack. It has been noticed that listings in this Local Pack have higher ratio of conversion than the other Organic/Free listings.

How can “You” be in the Local Pack

Now that the new list of factors affecting the Local Search results is out we can conclude the basic and most important factors that govern the results of a Local Search. Check them out:

  1. Business Details. Primarily what matters are the details of the business. The proximity, category, keywords in business title etc are looked by the search engine before displaying the results and the best match is displayed in the local pack.
  2. Link Building.Building Quality Links with maintaining linking domain authority, linking domain quantity, etc. Are key factors for a powerful and effective local search.
  3. Local Listings. Make sure you have local listings in top directories. Make sure the local listings are in place in Google, Yahoo and other top search engines.
  4. Mobile friendly websites.Since most users are operational on smart phones, that’s why it has become even more important for firms and professionals to maintain a Responsive website design.
  5. Accuracy of data on website and directories. It is strange but very common that incorrect phone number is displayed on the websites for long and no one bothers to change it. Haven’t you experienced inconvenience because of this? So it is critical to update the information on your website and directories if any change occurs in address, phone no. Or any other important detail.
  6. It is critical to work on On-page SEO to find a place in the local pack in the local search. Focus on accurate NAP, keywords in titles, domain authority etc.
  7. Targeted pages for multiple locations.If your office has multiple locations then instead of displaying all the locations in on page, make targeted pages for each location.
  8. Review Search engines like Google also crawls though the review quantity, authenticity, diversity etc to display the best local search results.
  9. Call to action signals. The Click-through rate, mobile clicks to call, check-ins, etc.Are also a factor which is considered in the local search results.
  10. Social Engage in social activities on Google, Facebook, Twitter etc if you wish to be found in top results in local search.

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