Why Google Doesn’t Displays Meta Description Correctly?


Being an Internet Marketing and SEO company in Delhi, NCR we often come across clients worried about the meta description of their website pages is not displayed correctly in Google search results.

There are many scenarios, some common ones are:

  • Google doesn’t display meta description correctly
  • Google display content from my page instead of meta description I defined.
  • Google displays a combination of my meta description and page content.
  • Is SEO Yoast plugin creating problem with my site title, meta description?
  • Is any plugin in my WordPress Website conflicting with SEO Yoast plugin?
  • Is it due a fault in the website coding that my meta description is not displayed by Google.

And the list goes on.

I would suggest not to panic in any of the situations above and just check the basics

To start, check the page source of your website page in any browser.

See if this piece of code is there

<meta name=”description” content=”We are a full service website design company in Delhi. Delivered over 1000 web design, SEO, data entry and content writing projects across USA &amp; India.”/>

It is obvious that the content of the meta description will be different for your website.

If the meta description is present in your page source and Google still doesn’t displays it

Then there is nothing wrong the website code or plugin (plugin, if you have a WordPress Website)

This is because Google displays search results according to the search term used by any user.

If the search term used by any user has a combination of words which are present in your meta description then it will display the meta description in search snippets.

If the keywords are present in any part of your page content then Google will display the portion of your page content in Search result snippets.

Or in case the keywords used by the user are partially available in your meta description and page content then Google may display both the meta description and some part of your page content.

This is because Google provides the most relevant information to the users searching for information so it checks meta description and page content to match the search term used by the users and displays the result accordingly.

You can do anything about it but to improve the website content and write the correct meta titles and meta description which define your products or services.

If you need professional help you can contact a SEO content writing company in Delhi NCR, India.

If this piece of code is not there

<meta name=”description”

Then probably you need to check your website theme and page template or if some plugin is conflicting with your SEO plugin.

Plugin allows different variables in the title templates you can set so that your website pages never miss meta description or title.

If you want to use page or post title, you can follow below variables.

%%title%% | %%sitename%%

If you want to use title and the site description:

%%title%% | %%sitedesc%%

For, site name, site description

%%title%% | %%sitename%% | %%sitedesc%%

You can use the help link under the Title & Meta sections you will find complete list of variables you can use.

You can also customize individual posts and pages in your posts and page settings.

If your website is an HTML of a custom PHP or any other type and you are not a techie then we would recommend consulting a professional and best website design company.

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