6 Reasons Why It Is Time for Website Redesign

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Check if it is time for Website Redesign

Why you should redesign your website?

Simply because websites are like 24 by seven sales employee who work for you round the clock. It was around 20 years back when just having a website was more than enough for your online reputation.

Time has changed and having a website is just not enough. Website design has now become a major part of your overall marketing plan. You will lose to your competition if your website is not getting visitors or they leave your website soon.

Potential clients these days judge the credibility of a business by the website design they have and how they present themselves on their website.

Now if you have a website and if doesn’t shows on top of Google search results then it is as good as having no website.

The best Website design companies in India claim to be the best but do they really make your website work for you just like a 24 by 7 sales team?

It is not just the incompetent website design companies but it is the ignorance of the small business owners who often come up with thousands of reasons to not redesign their website.

Here we give you 6 reasons why you should redesign your website right away.

#1 Your website doesn’t work on mobile.

6,586,013,574 searches are performed daily worldwide as per Smart Insights.  More than 70% of searches on Google are performed on mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets.

It is due to the increase in the number of mobile devices users globally.

If you do not want to lose out on business to your competitors you should have a mobile friendly website. We also call it responsive websites. Companies which have a website that works better on mobile devices have an edge in sales over their competitors. You can check the report by Econsultancy.

#2 Your website is built using Flash.

It is not at all good to use Flash in your website because the search engines like Google cannot read Flash so your Flash website will never show up in Google search results.

Also the iPhone and iPad doesn’t support Flash either. And you know the potential market of the iPhone and iPad users around the world.

Moreover it is difficult to maintain and update a Flash website. If you really need animations in your website then you should choose the right website design company who can work with HTML5 and CSS3.

Best website development companies know how to use HTML5 along with CSS3 to give you the desired animations in your website.

#3 Your website has low search engine rankings.

Google keeps on changing its algorithm to show high quality content on top of their search results pages. Old SEO techniques like keyword stuffing in your website content will not work longer.

Also the massive link building was important way 7 years back. Now Google completely focuses on user experience and high quality content on your website. Your website should be extremely user friendly and engaging.

Link building is also important but you should be very careful with the SEO company you are working with as one wrong step might blow you with penalties from Google.

You should always choose a website design and SEO company for search engine optimization of your website who are well aware of latest Google updates and work as per them.

Read more about Unethical SEO practices here

#4 Your website doesn’t convert your visitors.

Your website should be well designed to get maximum conversions. If you see in the analytics that visitors leave your website too soon or your bounce rate is very high then it is time to redesign your website.

Pure because your website doesn’t have enough methods in place to engage your website visitors or may be there are broken links or there is outdated information which is no longer useful to your website users.

Your website should be built keeping the customers in mind and should work towards the marketing goals of your business.

An ideal website is the one which generates leads, increases conversion and ROI.

#5 Your website looks outdated.

Website design has evolved over the years and it is important that your website looks like the website of present. You can easily figure out by looking at any website that it was built 5 years back or if it is redesigned with current website design trends.

If your website is outdated then there is every chance of getting your website visitors disinterested and seeing them leaving your website.

If you know your website was built years back then it is time to get it redesign and give it a modern professional website look. Gone are the days of crazy audio on your website, animations here and there. Today it is all about a clean professional website design.

#6 Your website is slow.

If your website is slow then there are very good chances search engines like Google may not rank it. Also if some customers land on your website then they will leave as quickly as they landed. Page speed is very important if you want your website to rank high on Google and generate leads.

The best website design companies know how to speed up your website and help them rank better on search engines and give a wonderful user experience.

You can easily check your website speed performance on Google page speed tool and see how fast or slow is your website on Desktop and mobile phones.


It is extremely important for your website to perform and generate revenue for your business. To keep up with your competition you must have a well designed, responsive, engaging and fast loading website.

If your think any of the above reasons apply to your website then it is time you should redesign your website. Take the help of the best website design company in your area and get your website an edge.

You will see the changes in your ROI if you have a good website.

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