How to choose the best website design company?

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So you are looking to hire a web designer in India

And like every other business you might be confused about how to make a decision about selecting the best website design company. One who can design a great website and also make it visible on top searches on Google.

There so many website design companies in Delhi NCR alone so think about if you look to select the best one in India. You may end up spending more time in choosing your website design partner than the time needed to build the website itself.

The question is what makes a website design company better than the other and it is the hardest thing to find out as all of them present themselves extremely well.

So how are you going to do it?

Is there any checklist on how to choose the best website design company in Delhi or NCR or in India all together?

You should be very careful in taking that decision as website is the face of your business and most of the people look forward to Google when they need any service or buy any product.

Below are 9 important things to look while you choose a web design company to build your website.

1. They understand your ideas.

They should know that you know about your industry better than them as you are doing your business and they are a website design company. They should be able to convert your ideas into finished plan sets that work for your business. If they are not able to work on your business ideas then probably you should look for another web designing company.

2. They have their own minds too.

Just because you want them listen and follow you it doesn’t means that they should not provide their creative inputs and suggestions. If you hire a dedicated web designer in India then allow them to provide their valuable suggestions. Be open to listen to them. After all they should know how to make a website that works for you.

3. Do they also provide Digital Marketing services too?

A good website design company in Delhi NCR, India or anywhere in the world would not be able to design a good website until they know how to market it on the internet. Until they understand what search engines look for in a website or how to create a good digital marketing strategy for your website they cannot give you a website which will generate results for your business.

What is the use of a website which does not appears on Google search.

4. Do they also provide a Content Management System (CMS)?

CMS or a content management system is very important for a website. Being a top website design company in south Delhi, NCR and in India we often come across business who are tired of paying huge money for small regular changes in their website.

With a good content management system you can make changes to your website without any programming knowledge.

CMS makes operating your website as simple as operating your Facebook account.

Learn more about WordPress with these tutorials.

5. Do they provide Responsive website design?

Mind you if your website is not responsive Google may completely remove it from Google search results. All your investment in getting a fancy looking website may get wasted.

What is a responsive website design?

Responsive website design makes your website compatible with all the devices like Destops, Tablets, Smart phones or any other size internet device.

If the website design company doesn’t knows about responsive website design then you know what to to. ?

6. Do they have a decent portfolio?

A lot of companies these days claim to be the best website design company in Delhi NCR, India but they have proofs? They need to have live examples of the websites they have built.

Make sure you are not fooled by just the screenshots of the websites in their portfolio. A good website design company is never afraid of showcasing the work they have done.

You should always ask for a web design portfolio before you choose a website design company for your business.

7. For how long they have been into business?

We have seen a lot of website design companies in Delhi NCR come and go, leaving their clients in the mid of an online crisis.

You need to make sure they are serious about their business and they are there for a good amount of time.

Another advantage of a website design company existence for a long time is that they know how to change with the fast and ever-changing internet trends. They know how to make use of the latest technologies and comply with Google guidelines for a good website.

8. How many Industries they have worked with?

More experience a website design company has of different industries more are the chances that they have a good sense of creativity.

If you are looking for a company who are experienced in designing websites for your industry then you are making a mistake. Since they have built hundreds of websites for your industry then they may not be able to provide you a unique design.

You should check how many industries they have worked for and they know how to make Google work for your different industries.

9. Have they worked with local and national clients?

This diversifies their knowledge. They should know how to do local marketing for local area as well as the national market. If they have just worked with local companies then they might not have knowledge to make a website successful nationally.

We say this because ICO WebTech has worked with local businesses, National businesses and even International companies. So we know how to make a brand successful even on the international level.

Finding the best website design company is the first step towards getting a successful website for your business and it is the hardest step of all in the website design process. But once you get it right then rest of the things start working the way they should be working.

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