Why every small business should have a website?

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Importance of a website for small business

Online market for every industry is booming. And almost every large and medium size business is making huge profits out of their websites. Simply because they understand the importance of a website and the benefits they can reap out of a good website.

Being one of the top website design company in Delhi NCR India we provide Website design and digital marketing services to businesses of all sizes.

We have realised that there is still a big room to create awareness among the small business about the importance of a website for their business.

Often our sales guys get excuses from many small business owners that they do not need a website. Because they think it is a waste of time and they believe in the traditional marketing .

Almost 80% of small business owners in Delhi NCR alone are not aware of the importance of a website for their business.

Our promotional campaigns are more intended towards creating awareness about internet and why is it important to have a website.

Below are the top 4 reasons citing the importance of a website for a business and its success.

#1.  A good website increases your customer reach.

In this era of online world customers look for product and services online. Because they can do online shopping, reach out for service providers like plumbers, carpenters, etc from the comfort of their home and time.

More than 20 million customers are online every time either doing online shopping, looking for online help or services. These customers could be online even during midnight from anywhere.

Businesses which have a website and a good online presence have more chances of these potential customers contacting them from the websites, even when their shops or offices are closed.

Customers search for the services or products mostly on Google and they most often click on the websites which appear on first page of Google search result.

If you do not have a website with strong online presence then you are loosing these potential customers to your competitors who have a website and have 24 by 7 visibility online for their business.

A website acts as a 24 by 7 shop for your business.

Wonder how much sales and money you are loosing without a website.

#2.  A good website increases the credibility of your business.

Customers these days judge the credibility of any business by their website.

A website makes your business look credible and professional.

People don’t even consider a business as an option if they do not have a website.  A good website professionally explains your services and products. Thereby leaving a good first impression about your business.

Website is the face for any business.

If you can impress your potential customers with your website then half of the battle is won. Once you have a website with a strong online presence you will see how it helps grow your sales and how you can earn huge money from your website.

#3.  Website is the most cost effective marketing method for your services and solutions.

Most of the small businesses make excuses and give cost as a reason for not getting a website for their business. They find traditional print advertising more tempting.

This is simply because they are not aware of the importance of a website for their business.

Compared to the traditional print media expenses, website can help you reach more customers and 24 hours in a day.

For example:

If you give a newspaper ad for your service or product, it is not guaranteed it may reach the customers you are looking for.Because a newspaper can be read by students, elderly people, house wife. Therefore it is not sure your advertisement reaches the customers you are targeting.

On the other hand if you have good website for your business which is a Search Engine Optimized website then your target customers who are looking for your type of services will reach you through your website.

Read more about Search Engine optimization here.

#4. Website works round the clock for you.

As mentioned above a good website never stops working for your and attracting customers 24 hours a day round the year.

A customer can fill a simple short contact form on your website and you will get an email with the questions or inquiry from your potential customers.  And you never ever miss a single customer even when you are sleeping.

A website makes your business grow day and night.

A customer can reach your website from anywhere like from a coffee shop, while having a walk, while traveling or whatever you can think about.

And a website promises only potential targeted customers who actually are in need for your services or products.

Bottom Line: A website is very important for any size business

You just need to make sure that your website is done the right way.

Keeping the basics right will give you a good professional looking website with a strong online web presence.

There are many free services which can give you a website but you need to do the hard work yourself. It is always suggested that let the experts do the job for you and you concentrate on your core business.

To get the the website that works for your business hire the best website design company. You should choose the web design company who can also give you a strong web presence. And that too at a very affordable and cost effective way.

Learn more about how to choose the best website design company.

We will help you in a cost effective way to grow your business through your website.

Contact our small business website experts today and discuss your business requirements.