Eight stages Of Our Web Design Process

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ICO WebTech Private Limited is a leading web design and development company in Delhi with a perfect web design process.

We provide Website designing along with SEO and other Internet Marketing services to businesses across Delhi and all parts of India and help them increase their rankings on Google and generate more sales. We also provide outsourcing services for Web design and Digital Marketing to clients across USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Italy and help them save almost half of the cost for their digital marketing and web design work.

Being one of the best website design companies in Delhi It is our responsibility to make sure we provide maximum ROI to our clients who trust us.

We have designed a robust Web design process which tracks all the investments of our clients along with the revenue they generate from their website.

Stages of our web design process from start to finish

  1. Defining the project

Our web design service starts with defining the project. This starts with initial consulting. We are based at Malviya nagar, New Delhi, India but we help businesses all across India and overseas to generate more revenue and increase sales funnel through their website.

We start with defining business goals and identifying the opportunities how a well optimized website can do wonders for the overall marketing strategy. This helps our web development team to build the website exactly as per the requirement of the business.

During our initial consultation with business owners we identify the website goals and target audiences keeping the interest of stake holders in mind. We define a way how the business will stand out of the competition with a strong online presence.

  1. Scope of the project

Project scope is the most important and critical step of our web design service. We define the deliverable, timelines and important activities to achieve the desired results in the project definition process.

The project scope is well documented and sent for approval to our clients. After which it is uploaded on our project management tool to be available for our project teams with tasks defined with timelines for every individual involved in the project.

  1. Website Architecture

We then move to designing the architecture for the website. This includes basic visuals for various pages and the wireframes and the sitemap for the content flow.

This stage of our web design process provides a detailed reflection of how the content will flow through various pages of the website with maximum user engagement. It gives an overview of how the website pages will look.

This helps us to define how the customer will browse through the website and ultimately gets converted into a potential sale.

  1. Designing

Once the sitemap and wireframes are ready for the website, the project is transferred to our website designers. Our team of expert website designers create the style of the website with various color effects of every section to get the most appealing look for the website.

This is also a very important stage as the complete brand image is visually defined on the website design. We also check in this phase that the website looks exactly what is defined in the project definition and is targeted to achieve the goals.

The visual designs are sent to the client for approval.

  1. Website Development

After getting the approval from our clients we start the fifth stage of website development. This stage converts the ideas into finished plan sets.

This stage includes converting the designs into fully functional web pages using HTML5, CSS3, PHP and MySQL. That’s what our technical expertise is. Content is populated and various call to actions and lead capturing techniques are implement in this stage of our web design process.

We make sure in this stage that the website is developed for maximum conversions with a delightful user experience. We also make sure that the website is working fine on all the browsers, and it is SEO friendly so that the search engines can easily crawl every page.

We build responsive websites so this functionality is also being worked during this stage. We make the website compatible with all the devices like smartphones, tablets, desktops and laptops of all sizes.

  1. Website Testing

In this stage the website is placed on our testing server to check the performance of the website in real online environment. In this stage of our web design process we check the website loading speed, cross browser functionality and responsive nature.

All the critical points are thoroughly checked and website is made fool proof. Apart from checking the technical aspects we also check the misspelled words, broken images and broken links as a single mistake anywhere in the website can cost the reputation of the business.

The test server link is sent for approval to the client.

  1. Website Launch

Once the website is approved then the most awaited day arrives. We launch the website. But our website design process is not over here. We provide FREE support for 2 months after we launch the website.

During these 2 months we monitor the website. We take and implement the users feedback and do not leave a stone unturned if there is any scope of improvement. We constantly work towards getting the website next to perfect when it comes to performance.

We also make minor changes as required by our clients free of cost during this free support of 2 months.

  1. Website Maintenance

As the internet is constantly changing we make sure that the website is up to date with the new emerging trends and technologies with our website maintenance. We make the content changes to attract more visitors. We make sure that the website is secured and also remove the malware if they pop up during the 8th stage of our web design process.

We take regular backups and provide analytical insights for our clients to review the real time performance of the website. We track the number of users on the website weekly and monthly and constantly work to decrease the bounce rate of the website.

We also do the design changes as required for the changed business strategies.

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