Too many redirects issue in WordPress? Don’t get frustrated. It is simple to solve.

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Too many redirects issue resolved

Usually when you are running a self hosted WordPress website you may encounter several issues if you are a WordPress beginner.

These errors could be 500 internal server error, white screen of death etc. It becomes really frustrating when you are new to WordPress. Recently one of my trainee transferred a WordPress website to a web server from his local XAMPP. And he was too stressed when he got an error which says ‘Too many redirects’

It shows like this on Firefox:

First of all I should tell you why do you get this error in WordPress.

You get this error mainly due to a misconfiguration in your redirects.

As WordPress uses redirects functions so does many other plugins use redirects too. If there is a misconfiguration in any such plugins used then your users might get redirected to a URL. This URL may continuously redirect them back to the referring URL trapping the user’s browser between two pages which generates the error.

One of the common example of a misconfigured redirects is in WordPress settings. When a user has an incorrect URL in WordPress Address and Site Address in Settings.

For example if the site’s url is and you go t…

…Settings » General

And set it to then WordPress settings will show error.

Or if you have your domain without www prefix, you add it with www prefix in WordPress will show this error.

So if your user will access he will be redirected to And from there he will be again redirected to It becomes an unending loop.

To fix this you need to change your site and WordPress URLs in your WordPress settings as per your domain configuration with your web host.

If you have your domain with www prefix then your site and WordPress URL should be and if your domain is without www prefix then your site and WordPress URL should be

you may not be able to access your WordPress admin sometimes due to this redirects issue.

In this case don’t panic you can connect to your site using ftp connection. Download the wp-config.php file and add these two simple lines in it using a simple code editor like notepad.


Make sure you replace with your own site name and use www prefix if required as per your domain setting in web host.

Upload it back to your WordPress and you are all set.

Hope this article was helpful to resolve the redirects issue. If you are still facing an issue or have a different WordPress problem. Then our team of WordPress developers are happy to help. Contact our web design company in Delhi India.

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