Telecom & Security Products’ Website Redesigned by ICO WebTech

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The creative team of ICO WebTech has successfully launched a website redesigned for better visuals, improved User Experience and great Search Engine visibility.

Max Telecom is a dealer of walkie talkie and security products in Delhi NCR. And they were looking to redesign their existing website to give a fresh and updated look. Moreover for this work they were looking for a local website design company in South Delhi.

Since we are in the same locality, they found us on Google’s organic results, through our SEO efforts.

Our design and development team worked together with the owner to assess the current website. And locate the trouble areas.

Their current website was not in a good shape and needed website redesigned for sure.

Our Recommendations for getting Website Redesigned

  1. Website is for users and for search engines both.
  2. Design such that the existing rankings are not harmed.
  3. Place the Call to Actions (CTAs) appropriately and clearly.
  4. Personalize your website/brand with matching colors, font, style etc.
  5. Make sure your website is Responsive and integrates AMP for better mobile experience.
  6. Focus on content placement.

Considering our directions of importance our client decided to include them in the new website design.


Before Redesigning


Before website redesigned | ICO WebTech Pvt Ltd


After Website Redesign


After website redesign | ICO WebTech Pvt. Ltd.


We also redesigned their website logo to match their brand color palette.


Old Logo | ICO WebTech Pvt Ltd

Old Logo

Custom Logo Design | ICO WebTech Pvt Ltd

New Custom Design Logo







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