Want more traffic? Involve these 5 practices and get more customers to your website!

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Websites have become an indispensable part of the digital landscape for business owners. But the important question here is – “Why is a business website important?”

Don’t do it just because everyone else is doing it.

Rather, understand it’s benefits for your business and then walk towards it.

The most significant use of a business website is the opportunity to get more customers and traffic to your website. And to achieve this goal your website has to join hands with Search Engine Optimization.

Now, as we all know that SEO is an evolving methodology and leading online marketers establish various strategies to reach towards the designated objective.

But the experienced SEO professionals have a slightly different views about SEO, and that is:

“The basic principles behind SEO are still the reigning factor for results – and these factors do not change.”

Different SEO professionals can derive strategies from these ruling factors, but cannot deny the importance of them. Therefore, it is recommended for all the business owners to upgrade their business website, and check if it has the necessary pages.

The age-old marketing principles be it for online or offline marketing – remains the same.

Let us understand this better with an example:

Imagine a store near your place which gives free gifts on a pre-set amount of purchasing. And there is another store which does not have a similar offer. Now, the odds of you going to the other store without any offer are negligible.

Results – highly increased sales of their products and therefore huge profits as compared to the other store.

Similarly for eCommerce websites also it has been observed that by giving free gifts or percentage of discount sales of products can be increased significantly.

Hence, it is clear that to get more customers a websites’ SEO need not be twisted completely. Rather, by just following the basics you can up the traffic and sales numbers remarkably.

How to get more customers online?

The three major digital marketing driving factors behind getting traffic for your website are:

While these are the nitty-gritty of online marketing, there are other strategies also which can be implemented to boost sales. But the below 5 are the substratum among all.

By mastering these 5 you can make your website a magnet to attract customers online.

#1. Write regular Blog Posts

As a SEO company in Delhi, we always recommend out website designing clients to keep a Blog page on their website. Unfortunately, not many are acquainted with the power of blogging and therefore do not have it on their website.

Many businesses like Neil Patel, Hubspot, Moz.com are making money online by predominantly blogging.

Google recommends fresh content on websites and give more weight in search engine rankings to websites with regularly updated content. And, the most convenient form to achieve this is by blogging. When you post a blog on your website, you are automatically signalling Google about:

  • how active you are on our website, and
  • how you keep yourself updated of latest information

Some of the most important benefits of blogging are:

  1. Increase in site traffic
  2. Capture the traffic and convert them into leads or sales
  3. Builds credibility
  4. Gives long term benefits

#2. Focus on Content Marketing

One of the very important drive force behind organic search engine rankings SERPs is – Content Marketing. And if for any reason you are not focused towards content marketing then you are most likely to trash your free traffic gaining opportunity.

Learn tips to master the art of content marketing.

Content forms the base of every website. The way you put information on your site says a lot about your site to the users and the search engines. Therefore if you want to get more customers on your website then do not miss on content marketing.

The most significant benefits of content marketing include:

  1. Major role in on-page SEO
  2. Increased visibility for related searches in search engines like Google
  3. Increases Domain Authority
  4. Increases Conversion Rate Optimization
  5. Creates Brand Authority
  6. Great results in lesser cost (all it costs is – time)

All these benefits are directly related to getting more traffic and ultimately more customers.

#3. The Power of “Free”

The most effective, and tried and tested method to get more customers is to give some free gifts to your visitors to turn them into customers.

The add-ons and Free gifts boost your sales by double or triple or even more percentage.

For example:

McDonalds makes $200 million just by saying “Would you like fries with that”. These 6 words are the perfect examples for add-ons. And the free toys in their Happy Meal is an example of free gifts. They have targeted Kids market with the happy meal gifts. And kids just love it. Thereby giving them a boost of profits.

Since a visitor is on your website you know that he is looking for either some information or to buy service/product. In both cases put your best foot forward in form of CTAs and lead magnets to convert that visitor into a customer.

#4. Engage in Social Media Marketing

SMM is still untapped area when it comes to digital marketing. Business owners are trying to leverage social media to grow their online sales.

Leading social platforms like Facebook and Twitter have changed their algorithms quite a lot in the past years. This has created a buzz in the minds of marketers to whether or not invest time in SMM.

But, SMM is an effective way to introduce and popularize your business among masses. Having said that, it is no cakewalk to build influences on social media platform.

You need to do multi-tasking and ace the role of a communicator. Along with this you will also have to regularly praise others for their work and sometimes ask for guidance too.

All these at the same time.

The key is to be constant in your interactions in whatever way you are doing.

#5. Video Marketing

It is another marketing technique that can get more customers to your business website. Develop genuine videos which will help the audiences of your domain, and share it on popular mediums like YouTube and Vimeo. This way you can establish an authority for your brand among your visitors.

This too is an perpetual path and results will take time to show. Make sure you place the relevant links in the video and direct the visitors to target pages or post on your website.

Some of the many benefits of video marketing are:

  1. Boosts conversion rate by 80%
  2. Search Engines favors quality videos
  3. Builds trust and credibility
  4. Spread further with social shares


Having a website is not enough. Engage and invest in the right strategies to benefit most and get more customers online. Blogging, Content Marketing, Free Gifts, Social Media Marketing and Video Marketing are the best ways to turn the wind to your favor.

If you are looking for a SEO company or a Website Designing company in Delhi to boost online sales then contact us.